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Virginia’s ‘Pro-Gun’ AG is Fighting To KEEP Universal Background Checks!?

Why is Virginia’s reportedly 'pro-freedom' Attorney General, Jason Miyares, fighting so hard to protect Universal Background Checks?

Self Defense? :Man Pleads Guilty to Possessing a Firearm Used in a Killing on I264

Hathaway was shot in the leg and returned fire from the driver’s seat while driving down the interstate. The decedent was shot in the head and died.

Knife Rights’ VA Switchblade Ban Repeal Bill Out of House Public Safety Committee

Knife Rights' VA Switchblade Ban Repeal Bill voted out of House Public Safety Committee with bipartisan 19-1 vote.

Virginia House Votes to Repeal Red Flag Gun Confiscation Law

The Virginia House of Delegates voted to repeal the controversial Red Flag law passed in 2020. The bill faces opposition in the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats.

FBI NICS (background check) Accountability Audits of States Delayed a Year by COVID

Anti-gun states like New Jersey could be making the same mistake as Virginia. With the delay, it might be more than a year for mistakes to come to light.

Knife Rights Virginia Switchblade Ban Repeal Bill Introduced

Knife Rights' Virginia Switchblade Ban Repeal Bill, SB 758, has been introduced by Senator Todd Pillion.

It’s a New Day In Virginia as Glenn Youngkin Signs Pro Freedom Executive Orders

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed nine Executive Orders and two Executive Directives just hours after being sworn into office outside the State Capitol Saturday.

Lessons From The 2021 Elections

Second Amendment supporters made huge gains in the 2021 elections, but there are still lessons to learn...

Virginia Incorrectly Adds 46,000 Citizens To FBI’s NICS Prohibited Person List

Blaming a technical error, Virginia State Police incorrectly added over 46,000 residents a Federal list of people prohibited from owning guns.

Establishment Republicans Drawing Wrong Conclusions from Virginia Wins

Contrary to “moderate” Republican aversion to embracing the right to arms head-on, firearms freedoms have proven to be powerful motivators for getting out the vote.

Gun Owners Recapture Virginia in Victory Sweep

For victorious Virginia gun owners, “payback” is the dish best enjoyed on the morning after handing anti-gun Democrats a devastating defeat

VA Gun Owners Made Difference In 2021 State Election Races

The return of Republican power to Virginia should send a message to Democrats in Washington, D.C. that their extremist gun ban agenda is a washed-up failure.