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New Mexico Gun Shop Seizes Polymer80 Pistol For Not Having A Serial Number

A man seeking help to find a holster for his Polymer80 had his firearms seized by a New Mexico gun store for lacking a serial number. Except that is NOT a crime.

New Mexico Governor Suspends Concealed Carry Claiming …Public Health Order

New Mexico Gov. Grisham issued a public health order suspending open & concealed carry of firearms in Bernalillo County public places for 30 days.

School Suspends 1st-Grade Students for Finger Guns, while Playing Cops & Robbers

A 1st-grade student was suspended from an AL Elementary School for pretending his fingers were shaped like a gun while playing with a classmate!

AutoKey Card: Matthew Hoover & Kristopher Justin Ervin Sentenced to 5 Years in Federal Prison

Judge Marcia Morales Howard has sentenced Matthew Hoover of CRS Firearms & Kristopher Justin Ervin, the defendants in the AutoKey Card case.

Department of Justice Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Rare Breed Triggers

Federal Judge Nina R. Morrison has issued a preliminary injunction in favor of the ATF in United States v. Rare Breed Triggers, LLC.

Biden’s Proposed Rule Will Eliminate Private Gun Sales

President Biden and the Department of Justice announced a proposed rule to change who will need a federal firearms license (FFL) to sell firearms.

ATF Inspector Seizes Gun Store Records Without A Warrant

An ATF Industry Operations Inspector (IOI) violated federal law when they seized an FFL's completed Form 4473s, taking them off-site to make copies.

ATF Sends Out New Letters Trying To Seize Forced Reset Triggers

The ATF is starting a new purge of forced reset triggers, including the FRT-15 and the WOT sold directly from Rare Breed Triggers.

Coalition of FFLs Sue Over Biden’s “Zero Tolarance” Policy

A coalition of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs), led by Eric Blanford (Iraqveteran8888), has stepped up to contest what they view as an overreach of government authority.

Judge Drops Case Against New Hampshire Man Charged For Not Having A Massachusetts License To Carry A Firearm

The case, Commonwealth v. Dean Donnell, involves a New Hampshire man charged in a Lowell District court for carrying a firearm without a non-resident license to carry (LTC).

Why A Journalist Stood Up to the DOJ

This fight is about freedom of the press. If the government can silence one, it can target others in the firearms community and beyond.

DOJ Attempt to Gag Reporters on High-Profile 2A Case Meets Resistance & Retraction

In recent events surrounding the AutoKeyCard prosecution case, Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Laura Cofer Taylor faced significant backlash for a motion she filed.