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Department of Justice Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Rare Breed Triggers

Federal Judge Nina R. Morrison has issued a preliminary injunction in favor of the ATF in United States v. Rare Breed Triggers, LLC.

Forced Reset Trigger Ruling Enabled by Senate Republicans

What the Stupid Party is failing to grasp is that if it keeps siding with Democrats, “lesser of two evils” voting will no longer work for them, and they’ll lose.

ATF Attempt Radical Change of Definitions for “Personal Collection”

The new ATF rule are to completely redefine "personal collection," "personal collection of firearms," "personal firearms collection," and "hobby."

RSWC #178, Robin Bartlett, Author, Vietnam Veteran

Charlie and Robin start by talking about some of the nonsense that is New Jersey gun laws. In New Jersey, BB guns are illegal.

Frequently Debunked Crackpots Claim the AR-15 is Worthless for Self-Defense

Despite the exhortations of Bloomberg’s activists or crybaby ex-cops, an AR-15 is exactly what I want when The Bad Man comes a-calling.

Democrats Defund Firearm Education Nationwide

Under this new defunding scheme, millions of students will be denied the ability to learn firearm safety and will be unable to participate in recreational shooting sports.

Biden Administration Brief on Rahimi Case about Due Process and Restraining Orders

The Biden administration has submitted a brief in the Rahimi case. The arguments they present strive to re-arrange the Heller and Bruen decisions.

Scientific American Still More About Political Propaganda Than Objective Truth

“This may entail substantial changes to the American Constitution, or its interpretation, or wider weapons bans..."

Amicus Briefs Filed in Challenge of Maryland County’s ‘Sensitive Places’

Two impressive coalitions have filed amicus briefs with the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals supporting a challenge of a Maryland county’s sweeping and prohibitive “sensitive places” designations.

Congress Must Act to Stop Biden Administration Abuse of Veterans, FBI NCIS

The Biden administration’s Department of Veterans Affairs has been adding names of veterans who require financial supervision to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) database as prohibited individuals.

Teacher’s Union Officials Go Anti-Gun, Florida Sheriff Sets Record Straight

Three top officials with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) including President Randi Weingarten have gone full-anti-gun in reaction to a triple homicide last Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida.

No Bail in Non-Violent Gun Free School Zone Case in Montana

Gabriel Metcalf is being held under pretrial detention in Montana for his belief the Second Amendment guarantees his right to keep and bear arms in a federal gun free school zone.