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National Assault Weapons Ban Moves Forward Despite Proof of Gun Control Failures

A national assault weapons ban would ....divide America. The USA needs unity, not a federal government that forces unconstitutional laws....

Weekend Mass Shootings Will Be A Familiar Tale – And A Warning

Second Amendment supporters, to a person, are horrified at the events that took place in Buffalo and Laguna Woods over the weekend.

Infringing the Time, Manner and Place to Bear Arms

Honest citizens are disarmed by gun control. Then the criminals hunt us in these "gun free" zones. Gun control is getting us killed.

More People Murdered as Gun-Control Fails in New York State

Gun control failed. It is hard to look at violence but it is more dangerous to think that more ink-on-paper will make us safer.

The Right of the People – Why Elites Hate the Second Amendment

Armed defense is the right of the people. Elites want that right reserved for themselves.

Antis Push for ‘Gun Sense Candidates’ Amid Rising Gun Theft Report

Criminals who steal guns from cars—or anywhere else—are obtaining them illegally, with no background check or waiting period requirement.

Politics vs. Reality: Iron Sharpening Iron ~ or Not

My father often referred to leading the rights movement as an exercise akin to herding cats. It’s a demonstrable fact that GunVoters are an independent-minded bunch

Federal Lawsuit Challenges San Jose Gun Fee, Insurance Mandate

A California-based gun rights group has filed a federal lawsuit challenging an ordinance adopted by the City of San Jose requiring gun owners to obtain liability insurance and pay a fee...

Grassley: ‘Dems Refuse to Take Responsibility for Rising Crime’

U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) has thrown down a gauntlet, advising the president, “It is disturbing to see Democrats refuse to take responsibility for the rising crime rate..."

Gun Control Nearly Wiped Out My People

How many people would be free and alive today were it not for the legacy of gun control?

Terror Attack In NYC Proves Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Gun Control doesn't work in NYC. The tragic terror attack that happened in NYC's Subways is further proof that the people must be armed.

Iowa: Homemade Space GAT Gun Confiscated from Felon ~ VIDEO

Why, do we consistently grind all the good guys into the dirt with layer upon layer of useless laws, regulations, ordinances, & rules when only WE follow the laws?