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Inexpensive Methods of Testing Bullet Penetration by Old N Bold

Old N Bold offers an inexpensive way to test bullet penetration. Sheetrock layers are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and consistent.

Ammo Prices Going Down? Federal .22 at Walmart, 6.5 cents/rd

A Yuma Walmart had 20 thousand rounds of .22 LR ammunition at 6.5 cents per round on the shelves. Is the ammunition bubble leaking?

Illegal Votes are far more Dangerous than Illegal Guns

Illegal votes are far more damaging to a constitutional republic than illegal guns. Illegal votes damage the whole country. Illegal guns may result in damage to a few hundred or a thousand people.

Arkansas Court Removes Barrier for County Employees to Carry Guns at Work

Local governments are working to restore the rights of government employees to bear arms. Should Government workers get extra rights?

10-year-old Arizonan uses Airgun in Self Defense

On May 4th, 2022, a bit before 9 p.m., in an unincorporated area near Casa Grande, Arizona, a ten year old used a pellet gun to defend themselves.

CA Ban on Sale of Semi-Auto Rifles to Young Adults Violates 2A

A three-judge panel in the Ninth Circuit has published a decision that the ban on the sale of semi-automatic centerfire rifles infringes on the Second Amendment.

Coyote Attack in Dallas Leaves Child in Critical Condition

A toddler was severely injured in a rare attack by a coyote in the Dallas, Texas, metroplex.

April, 2022 NICS Continues Trend: Third Highest on Record

April of 2022 NICS gun sales numbers are the third highest April on record, continuing the trend. A new normal for gun sales appears to have been established.

Man Killed by Wolves in 1939, Undocumented Documented Case

In 1939, Crist Kolby disappeared. In November of 1939, investigators found his remains. They concluded he had been killed and eaten by wolves, on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska.

NH Legislature Sends Gun Carry Reform on ATVs to Governor Sununu ~ VIDEO

The New Hampshire senate passed HB 1636 to remove the ban on the carry of loaded pistols & revolvers on ATVs & Snowmobiles. The bill is expected to go to Governor Sununu shortly.

Gun Deaths & Misleading Words: Spectrum Article vs Letter to the NEJM

In a recent article in Spectrum1, the wording from a letter to the NEJM changes firearm involved into firearm caused. It is a significant difference.

Governor DeSantis Promises Constitutional Carry for Florida

In a speech given near Gainesville, Florida, on Friday, 29 April, Governor Ron DeSantis promised a Constitutional Carry bill would be signed by him before he left office.