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School Resource Officer Scot Peterson Faces Trial For Negligence After His Actions at Parkland

Former Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School school resource officer and Broward County deputy Sheriff Scot Peterson is on trial for his lack of actions during the mass murder at the school in 2018.

Fruit of Caetano and Bruen, Short Clubs are Protected by Second Amendment

In Hawaii, the federal District Court for Hawaii has approved a settlement in a Second Amendment case involving "billies" or short clubs. The right of Hawaiians to carry short clubs, concealed or openly, has been restored.

Many Successful Defenses Against Bear Attacks are Recorded as Harvested During Legal Hunting

Many successful defenses against attacks by bears on people are not recorded/reported as attacks because the bear is killed and reported as a legal hunting harvest.

Honolulu Can Not Arbitrarily Deny Gun Registration on Made-up Pretext

In 2021, LTJG Michael Santucci attempted to register his legally owned firearms in Honolulu. He was prevented from doing so, and filed suit in the US District Court, based on the Second Amendment. A settlement was reached on May 23, 2023.

Alaska Limits Government Emergency Power and Protects Right to Arms

The Alaskan Legislature has passed HB61. The bill repeals the emergency powers of Alaskan governments to limit possession or to stop sales of firearms and ammunition during declared emergencies.

Florida: Loading & Carrying a Firearm on Private Property is NOT Use of Deadly Force

A Florida appeal court three judge panel has unanimously held the loading and open display of a firearm on one's property, is not the use of deadly force, and is protected under state law and the Second Amendment.

Connecticut Moves to Allow People to Defend Themselves from Bear Attacks

The Connecticut Senate has passed a bill to allow people to kill bears when the bears are a threat to the people or the peoples' pets, or if the bear is attempting to enter a building they are in.

Federal Judge: Ban on Purchase of Handguns by 18-20-Year-Old Citizens is Unconstitutional

Judge Payne found 18 to 20-year-old citizens were clearly part of the "people" considered in the "right of the people" to keep and bear arms. ...unlike other Amendments in the Bill of Rights contains the phrase "shall not be infringed".

65% of USA Enjoys Right to Carry without a Government Permission Slip

A revolution in restoring the right to carry, protected by the Second Amendment, has resulted in 65% of the United States restoring the right to carry without a permit. No ill effects have been observed.

Polar Bear Attack Stopped with a .44 Magnum in Alaska

On August 16, 2014, a Fish and Wildlife employee shot and killed a polar bear which was attempting to enter the tent they were sleeping in on Arey Island off the coast of the North Slope of Alaska.

SC: Cheap Gun Purchase Opportunity in Spartanburg on May 13, 2023

Instead of the message "Guns are bad, turn them in to the police," the message becomes "Guns are valuable, we pay cash."

ICYMI ~ Louisville Mass Murder was to Promote Gun Control Agenda

Irrationality, those who promote disarmament want to murder as many people as possible to show how easy it is to murder as many people as possible...