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NE: Gilbert Grooms Shotgun Self Defense Case: Jury Trial, NOT Guilty, 2 1/2 Hours

When the man continued to confront him & come at him, he used a shotgun to stop the assault. He was found not guilty of all charges.

MT: Stalker in Gun Free School Zone Case Has 5 Criminal Convictions, But He’s NOT the One in Jail!?

Documentary evidence has been uncovered which shows the stalker in the Gun Free School Zone case in Billings Montana had five misdemeanor convictions within the last year.

Book Review: America’s Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything

It was planned. It was executed. It was through the deliberate and calculated use of lies, fraud, hypocrisy, and coordinated rejection of truth, morality, rationality, and science.

The Unconstitutional Tragedy of Joe Biden’s Gun Free School Zone Act, Detailed Background

The federal Gun-Free School Zone Act was introduced by the most rabid Anti-Second Amendment zealots, Herb Kohl of Wisconsin & Joe Biden of Delaware. Yeah, that Joe Biden.

ATF Attempt Radical Change of Definitions for “Personal Collection”

The new ATF rule are to completely redefine "personal collection," "personal collection of firearms," "personal firearms collection," and "hobby."

Montana Gun Free School Zone Case: Metcalf is the Victim, Threats, Poison, Assault, Attempted Arson

The real victims, Gabe Metcalf & his Mother, have described an incident where they accuse David Lee Carpenter of trying to kill them with fire.

Biden Administration Brief on Rahimi Case about Due Process and Restraining Orders

The Biden administration has submitted a brief in the Rahimi case. The arguments they present strive to re-arrange the Heller and Bruen decisions.

Rossi RB 22 Compact Rifle in 22LR ~ Multi Month Report

With the low-cost Rossi RB 22 Compact Rifle & a couple of 1000 rounds of ammunition, you have the perfect utility firearm.

No Bail in Non-Violent Gun Free School Zone Case in Montana

Gabriel Metcalf is being held under pretrial detention in Montana for his belief the Second Amendment guarantees his right to keep and bear arms in a federal gun free school zone.

Criminal Complaint Filed in Montana Gun Free School Zone Case

The criminal complaint has been filed in the Gabriel Metcalf Gun Free School Zone case in Billings, Montana.

Black Bear Attack Stopped with .38 Caliber Handgun

A black bear was attacking a goat when the owner came to it aid. The bear was aggressive toward the owner, who shot it after warning shots were not effective.

Montana Man Arrested by ATF for Carrying Gun in a School Zone

A US Attorney has charged a Montana man with carrying a firearm in a federal gun free school zone, under the Gun Free School Zone Act.