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Ninth Circuit En Banc Panel: CA can Ban Magazines over 10 Rounds

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed the three-judge panel on the California magazine ban. The Ninth essentially challenged the Supreme Court to correct them.

New Gun Tax for Cook County, Previous Gun Tax Ruled Unconstitutional

On November 4, 2021, the Cook County, Illinois board amended a gun and ammunition tax which had been ruled unconstitutional

DC: Pay More for “Ghost Guns”; Get More “Ghost Guns”?

The District of Columbia is demonizing homemade guns in an attempt to distract from its disastrous crime policies. Homemade guns have been significant in DC for over 40 years.

Planned Gun “Buy Back” in Denver, Colorado is Likely Illegal

A planned Colorado gun "buy back" is unlikely to be held. It is probably illegal and unworkable because of Colorado gun control laws.

Ohio Constitutional Carry Awaits State Senate Decision

Ohio is moving forward on Constitutional Carry, HB227 has passed the House, 60 to 32 and now moves to the Senate.

Pennsylvania Constitutional Carry Moves Forward, in Spite of Veto Threat

Constitutional Carry is moving forward in Pennsylvania. A veto is likely this year. 2022 looks promising.

Rittenhouse Case: Wisconsin Weapons Law and the Kenosha Prosecutor

The dismissal of the weapons charge against Kyle Rittenhouse means the weapons charges against his friend, Dominick Black, will almost certainly be dismissed as well.

Armed Encounter with a Yuma County Sheriff’s Deputy

An armed encounter with a Yuma County Sheriff's deputy went as expected. No laws were broken, no one was arrested or detained. Gun safety was emphasized.

Rittenhouse Trial: Jury Instructions on Gun Charge? A Gun Conviction Looks Unlikely

At the Rittenhouse self-defense trial, Judge Schroeder has made a decision on the jury instructions for charge #6, the weapons possession charge. Conviction appears unlikely.

Rittenhouse Trial: Controversy Over Gun Charge & Hunter Safety Certificates? ~ VIDEO

The prosecution in the Rittenhouse trial says the law is written in such a way that he DID commit an offense, he could not legally possess a rifle without a hunter safety certificate.

Book Review: Dred Scott The Inside Story by David T. Hardy

Dred Scott The Inside story, by David T. Hardy is crammed with excellent scholarly work and references. This is a very well-done example of historical detective work.

Oral Arguments in Second Amendment Case Show Supreme Court Justices Split

In the oral arguments presented to the Supreme Court on November 3, 2021, six justices seemed disposed to uphold Second Amendment rights, while three looked for reasons to limit their exercise.