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Details Leaked on Biden Admin’s Sneaky Firearms Background Check Power Grab

Biden has not been coy about his ambitions to push existing law as far as possible toward “universal” firearm background checks.

Biden Will Campaign on Gun Control; New Restrictions Coming

CNN is reporting that soon after Labor Day weekend, President Joe Biden will announce new gun control efforts.

Biden Administration’s Attack on Youth Hunting

President Joe Biden’s campaign was widely recognized as the most anti-Second Amendment presidential ticket in history. Turns out that wasn’t hyperbole.

40 Million Americans Refuse To Comply with Biden’s ATF Pistol Brace Rule ~ VIDEOS

An estimated 10 to 40 million pistol braces owners in the United States have chosen to be felons rather than register their guns, throwing a big "FJB" middle finger at the "commander in chief"!

DOJ Throws Biden Under the Bus with Gun Ban Lobby, No Mention Fix NICS Act

The connection between Joe Biden & gun confiscation supporters is well known, but the Department of Justice has threatened to undermine that relationship...

Biden’s ‘Intellectual Dishonesty’ On Full Display After Raleigh Shooting

President Biden & Democrats get blasted for rushing to exploit the mass shooting, calling for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” when the teenage suspect used a shotgun!?

Court Effectively Says ATF Can Continue Covering for Hunter Biden on Gun Buy

The order ends a legal effort that started in August of 2021 and grants ATF its wish that the case involving Hunter Biden is dropped.

Biden the so Called Unifier-In-Chief; Vows War On U.S. Gun Owners

Biden told his audience, “I’m determined to ban assault weapons in this country. I did it once before, and we will do it again.”

Lawsuit Filed Challenging ATF’s 80% Firearm “Frame or Receiver” Rule

Joe Biden openly admitted that he would circumvent Congress & have the DOJ & ATF issue new & unconstitutional firearms regulations. This lawsuit challenges this rogue rulemaking.

Hunter Biden’s ‘Naked Gun’ Suggests 2nd Felony Firearm Transfer Violation

That Hunter Biden had the 2nd gun is an indicator of yet a second firearm transfer crime. It doesn’t matter if he bought it from a dealer or not.

Grassley: ‘Dems Refuse to Take Responsibility for Rising Crime’

U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) has thrown down a gauntlet, advising the president, “It is disturbing to see Democrats refuse to take responsibility for the rising crime rate..."

Ask Dettelbach Tough Questions about ‘AFT’ Abuses During Confirmation Hearings

Still, he’ll go through the Senate Judiciary Committee process, and GOA’s pre-nomination alert poses a question that invites more.