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Hunter Biden’s ‘Naked Gun’ Suggests 2nd Felony Firearm Transfer Violation

That Hunter Biden had the 2nd gun is an indicator of yet a second firearm transfer crime. It doesn’t matter if he bought it from a dealer or not.

Grassley: ‘Dems Refuse to Take Responsibility for Rising Crime’

U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) has thrown down a gauntlet, advising the president, “It is disturbing to see Democrats refuse to take responsibility for the rising crime rate..."

Ask Dettelbach Tough Questions about ‘AFT’ Abuses During Confirmation Hearings

Still, he’ll go through the Senate Judiciary Committee process, and GOA’s pre-nomination alert poses a question that invites more.

Biden’s ‘Ghost Gun’ Scheme Ripped as ‘Unconstitutional’ ~ VIDEO

"Once again, Joe Biden is focusing on a bogeyman instead of bad guys by attacking the American tradition of home gunsmithing." - CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb

Anti-Gunners led by Biden & Newsom, Quick to Exploit Sacramento

But according to CNN, the single firearm recovered at the scene was a stolen handgun. There would have been no background check for that pistol.

True to Form, Biden Uses SOTU to Continue Personal War on 2A

Biden renewed his attack on gun owners, calling on Congress “to pass proven measures to reduce gun violence.”

Republicans RINOs Don’t Roll Over for Anti-Gunners’ Supreme Court Nominee

The Senate of 2022 is tied, with 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, which presents Republicans with an interesting procedural option: denying a quorum in the Senate Judiciary Committee...

Media Allies Blame Guns to Distance Democrats from Crime-Enabling Policies

In any case, what The Washington Post has done here is given out talking points to help spread a desperate, pre-midterms Democrat narrative...

Significant Factual Errors in Media Reports on ‘Remington’ Sandy Hook Settlement

There are huge factual errors in almost every story that victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy had reached a $73 million settlement in their lawsuit.

‘Soft’ DAs, Not Guns, Are Problem, Says Ex-Prosecutor as Moms Fight Permitless Carry

Former federal prosecutor Charles Stimson told Fox News Digital that the nation’s crime problem lays at the feet of “soft-on-crime district attorneys,” not guns.

Rasmussen Poll Punches Holes in Biden Push for New Gun Controls

“Clearly, the American majority and Joe Biden are on different tracks. It is disappointing that 63 percent of Democrats want stricter gun control laws.”—Alan Gottlieb

Breyer Retirement Announcement Ignites Scramble to Find Liberal Replacement

Wednesday’s retirement announcement by Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer has set off a scramble to identify potential candidates to replace the 83-year-old jurist.