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2nd Amendment Foundation Demands Temporary Restraining Order on Oregon Mag Ban

The magazines banned under the language of Measure 114 are commonly-owned across the United States by millions of honest citizens to protect their families.

Biden Exploits UVA Slayings With Dishonest Call For ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

What was dishonest? This horrible crime had absolutely nothing to do with so-called ‘assault weapons,’ and the White House knows it.

Hey Seattle! Don’t Scapegoat Guns For Your Failed Leadership, Policies

This terrible incident happened in the same city that adopted a gun & ammunition tax that was supposed to fund programs to prevent such crimes. Obviously, that failed.

Biden Admins’ New Definition of What a Gun is Comes Under Legal Challenge

It is a glaring example of overreach under the Biden administration, which has been pursuing an anti-gun agenda since Joe Biden was sworn into office.

2A Attorney Adam Kraut Named Executive Director of 2nd Amendment Foundation

The Second Amendment Foundation announced that attorney & experienced Second Amendment litigator Adam Kraut has been named as its Executive Director.

Federal Judge Blocks NY States’ Place-of-Worship Gun Ban

A federal court judge has granted a temporary restraining order in a case declaring the NY's “place of worship” restriction as unconstitutional.

Fed. Judge Lets Anti-Gun Group Join Gun Mag Ban Case As Defendant

Apparently, the billionaire-backed funded gun banners are worried AG Ferguson isn’t capable of defending his own unconstitutional magazine ban.

Biden’s ‘Intellectual Dishonesty’ On Full Display After Raleigh Shooting

President Biden & Democrats get blasted for rushing to exploit the mass shooting, calling for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” when the teenage suspect used a shotgun!?

Lawsuit Targets Glendale, CA Over Gun Ban On Public Property

“Our lawsuit is blunt,” “The Glendale ordinance is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has made it clear that the right to keep and bear arms for personal protection extends outside the home.

National Gun Rights Group Sues California Over Law Suppressing Gun Lawsuits

This new California law is designed to suppress any defense of the Second Amendment in court by imposing standards that violate the First Amendment. We will not let this stand.

2nd Amendment Foundation Backs Federal Challenge Of Illinois Transit Weapons Ban

“Illinois is trying to perpetuate an indefensible public disarmament policy despite the clear meaning of Supreme Court rulings,” ...“we’re going to help the plaintiffs put an end to this nonsense.”

Demand Reparations For NY Crime Victims Denied CCW Licenses

Crime victims who were deprived of their most important right of self-defense deserve reparations. New York state should compensate them or their surviving families.