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Federal Judge Blocks More of NJ’s Unconstitutional ‘Sensitive Places’ Gun Ban

The additional restraining order temporarily blocks enforcement of aspects of NJ's carry-killer law for a period of several weeks.

Pro-Gun Activists Halt New Jersey Democrat’s New Gun Control Law in Court

A federal judge in New Jersey has granted a restraining order for that state’s new gun control law, which unconstitutionally criminalizes carrying guns.

New Jersey State Rifle Club Sues To Overturn Handgun Carry-Killer Law!

At the exact moment NJ Gov Murphy was signing illegal carry-killer legislation into law, an epic federal lawsuit to block the blatantly unconstitutional new measure was dropping.

New Jersey Senate Committee Amends Awful Bill that Targeted Knife Owners

Meanwhile, the full Assembly has its own anti-Bruen bill, A4769. It still retains the language that targets knife owners as well as concealed carry holders.

New Jersey Carry-Killer Bill Bans Way More Than Handguns!?

Gun-hating New Jersey lawmakers have outdone themselves with the sheer absurdity of their handgun carry ban by extending it to common, everyday objects!

New Jersey Joins New York in Defying the Supreme Court

These regulations, Democrats bragged, will make New Jersey "the toughest in the nation when it comes to concealed-carry laws." Constitution be dammed...

NJ Committee’s Contempt for the Supreme Court Obvious in Advancing Gun Control

The audacity of the authors & committee to even propose such a measure reveals the unbridled conceit & disrespect for the People they serve, the Constitution...

New Jersey Lawmakers Follow NY & Go All In To Destroy Carry Rights

NJ legislators described its features, & it sounds strangely similar to (if not worse than) New York’s unconstitutional anti-carry law, ...recently stopped in its tracks by an injunction.

Injunction Sought Against New Jersey in 3d Guns 1st Amendment Case

It’s time for this nonsense to stop. The New Jersey attorney general's strategy has been to deploy evasive tactics to delay court rulings.

Gun Group Files Lawsuit Challenging New Jersey “Assault Weapon” Ban

"There's no question here," ..." New Jersey’s ban spits in the face of not only the constitution but all the peaceable people of New Jersey.

In Wake of SCOTUS 2A Ruling NJ Drops Justifiable Need for Concealed Carry

The NJ Attorney General issued a directive to law enforcement agencies ...mandating that NJ carry permit applications now be processed WITHOUT an applicant having to prove "justifiable need."

NJ Senate Schedules Last-Minute Hearing On Gunmaker Liability Bill

S-1893, is extremely serious and would affect firearms dealers, advertising (publications & digital), and certain gun clubs, associations, and societies, both locally and nationally!