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Biden Using Veteran Suicides As Sick Pretext to Target Gun Dealers

The Biden administration is using the tragedy of veteran suicides to push additional gun control VIA gun dealer targeting.

Red Flag Gun Laws Are NOT About Mental Health, It’s All A Lie! ~ VIDEO

Extreme Risk Protection Orders, also known as Red Flag Laws, are created specifically to confiscate guns without the hindrance of due process.

Planned Gun “Buy Back” in Denver, Colorado is Likely Illegal

A planned Colorado gun "buy back" is unlikely to be held. It is probably illegal and unworkable because of Colorado gun control laws.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Abusing Her Position to Suspend 2A Rights

Alert! Anti-gun Democrat Nikki Fried is using access to confidential gun-owner data that her position offers, in her campaign for governor against incumbent Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Baldwin Shooting Proves Stupidity of Gun Banners But is There a Lesson?

The 100% prevetable firearms accident in New Mexico should be a sober reminder about basic gun safety.

Real Avid Bore Max Smart Rod for Easy Gun Cleaning

The REAL AVID BORE MAX SMART ROD is the best cleaning rod I've used. You can tell by the design of the handle that you'll get a lot of leverage.

Right To Dissent & The Right To Bear Arms: Bulwarks Against Tyranny

Americans remain at the moment privileged to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day, Labor Day, and other Holidays. But, for how much longer.

‘Gun Buybacks’ Proof that Desperate ‘Authorities’ Need Scapegoats

Another common tactic is to condemn removing such violent misfits from society as “disproportionate” and use that as “justification” to release them unchecked back into an unlimited victim pool.

Michigan Knife Rights Act Passed, Will Governor Whitmer Veto?

With a bipartisan vote of 66 - 38, the Michigan House voted final passage of our Michigan Knife Rights Act, HB 4066, that was passed by the Senate last week. Now it heads to the Governor for action.

Bloomberg’s Child Propagandists Discover Amicus Briefs & Other Cool Legal Stuff

I’m guessing the woke-kids working at anti-gun site, The Trace, don’t get out much. They don’t seem to have a lot of life experience.

Government Is Conditioning Americans To Despise Their Rights & Liberties ~ VIDEO

But Americans are also coming to see that the Marxists and Globalists abhor one natural law right, in particular over all the others: the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
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