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Court Filing by Indian Police Defendants Contradicts Sheriff’s Account of Kloepfer Shooting

This is not the first disconnect between what the sheriff has claimed and subsequent evidence uncovered, as a series of exclusive AmmoLand reports have demonstrated.

Forced Reset Trigger Ruling Enabled by Senate Republicans

What the Stupid Party is failing to grasp is that if it keeps siding with Democrats, “lesser of two evils” voting will no longer work for them, and they’ll lose.

Delaware Judge Orders DOJ & Hunters Lawyers to Hand Over Gun Indictment

Defense attorneys have claimed a ‘diversion agreement’ shielding President Joe Biden's son from prosecution on the gun charge is still in place...

Scientific American Still More About Political Propaganda Than Objective Truth

“This may entail substantial changes to the American Constitution, or its interpretation, or wider weapons bans..."

Complaint Against DOJ Seeks Documents on NICS Permanent Entry Consent

That general principle calls into question the lawfulness of requiring the permanent surrender of rights as a plea condition...

‘Ghost Gun’ Piece Hardly the First National Review Second Amendment ‘Fail’

All this should surprise no one who has been paying attention for a while, because the founder of National Review, William F. Buckley, was also an wrong on the right to keep and bear arms...

There Can Be No Negotiating on the Right to Arms — with Hate Groups or with Anyone

A literal hate group...? Don’t take my word for it, take theirs from their three-year-old pinned tweet: “RT if you hate the NRA”

Bush AG Gonzales’ Proves Authoritarian Swamp Republicans No Different From Democrats

"Former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said AR-15s were 'killing machines' and echoed comments made by Mr Biden a day earlier saying there was 'no rational basis' for owning such a weapon."

New Baldwin Findings Could Open Door to Additional Charges

Baldwin has repeatedly insisted he never pulled the trigger. The reports say that’s not true. Was he lying?

Trump’s Georgia Prosecutor is a Typical Leftist Gun Grabber

“I think we have to have some serious conversations about something that's not popular. Everybody doesn't need a gun.” -- D.A. Fani Willis

Oakland PD Airhorn Advice is an Admission of Gun Control Failure

While plenty of evidence of Defensive Gun Uses (DGUs) exists, Defensive Airhorn Uses is a statistical nonstarter.

SCOTUS ‘Ghost Gun’ Vote Underscores Importance of Vetting Judicial Candidates on Second Amendment

How Roberts and Barrett square the regulatory part of the law with text, history, and tradition test is left unstated.