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‘Progressive’ Bank Developing ‘Department of Precrime’ ‘Snitchware’ on Gun Owners

Brown did not identify the psychic technology that will allow Amalgamated to reliably predict future probabilities accurately enough to justify reporting citizens to law enforcement for investigation

AP Continues History of ‘Scrubbing’ Truth on More Than Guns

To assume Schiff and fellow Democrats are the only ones who can be trusted is an obvious political move to keep claims from being verified while the freedom of citizens hangs in the balance.

Murphy Floats Defunding Police Who Won’t Violate Second Amendment

Murphy also knows that just because an agent of the state is given an order, that does not make it lawful.

California Firearm Purchase Delay Evokes MLK ‘Justice Denied’ Quote

For whatever reason, the saying comes to mind that “a right delayed is a right denied,” derived from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his “Letter from Birmingham Jail”

Schumer ‘Amnesty’ Exposes Self-Defeating Blindness of ‘Single Issue’ Gun Owners

Yet in spite of this, national and state gun groups are virtually all silent on "immigration"/invasion.

‘Roadmap’ Latest ‘Commonsense’ Ploy to Advance Citizen Disarmament

The 97percent “gun safety” organization purports to have a plan to reduce “gun violence” that can bring people on both sides of the issue together. Of course, it will do none of that.

‘Roadmap’ Latest ‘Commonsense’ Ploy to Advance Citizen Disarmament

Let’s now look at the four “policy” infringements the 97percent group wants to see imposed under the force of law.

‘Roadmap’ Latest ‘Commonsense’ Ploy to Advance Citizen Disarmament

You’ll note they purposely avoid telling you which guns they’re working on not allowing you to “purchase and possess.”

Under Oregon’s Measure 114, ‘Common Sense Gun Safety’ Means Shutting Down Gun Sales

"December 07, 2022 (Wednesday) will be the last day to purchase ANY firearm without a valid Oregon Firearm Purchase Permit."

Former CIA Officer’s Enmity Toward ‘Right Wing’ Americans Shows Agency Priorities

“Because, while they might not supply weapons, they can effectively radicalize individuals to obtain them and put them to use — even from the comfort of their own homes via the internet.”

Republican ‘Commitment to America’ Must Not Take Gun Voters for Granted

What that question fails to answer is the fact that a critical mass of gun owners would like to resolve things politically, but in the final analysis, Republicans need us more than we need them.

McMullin Knows a Thing or Two about Betraying Constitution

Contradicting those “principles,” in 2020, McMullin endorsed open borders, pathway-to-citizenship gun-grabber Joe Biden.