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3rd Circuit Considers Whether Nonviolent Crimes Justify the Loss of Gun Rights?

Bryan Range did not realize that Pennsylvania misdemeanor conviction also came with a lifelong penalty: He lost his constitutional right to keep & bear arms!?

Weekend Mass Shootings Will Be A Familiar Tale – And A Warning

Second Amendment supporters, to a person, are horrified at the events that took place in Buffalo and Laguna Woods over the weekend.

Outgoing NE Gov. Ricketts: ‘Constitutional Carry is About Rights’

Nebraska’s Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts has come out swinging in support of Constitutional carry in the Cornhusker State, a goal he calls “unfinished business.”

Case Studies In General Election Realities

Two statewide races in 2020 - and context - provide important lessons for Second Amendment supporters to keep in mind for November.

Start Planning For 2024, 2026, And 2028 Now

Is Second Amendment supporters properly plan and prepare, they can win big in 2024, 2026, and 2028.

Tired Of Bad Statewide Candidates? Start Developing The Next Ones Now

Don't want to settle for a Doctor Oz? Get to work to build a superb bench.

How Can Second Amendment Supporters Go On Offense?

Protecting the Second Amendment isn't just about stopping anti-gun legislation... sometimes Second Amendment supporters need to pass legislation.

Fight For The First Amendment To Save The Second Amendment

Second Amendment supporters are using their First Amendment rights - and need to make sure they can keep using them.

Missouri Mess Could Make 2A Defense Harder

Second Amendment supporters need to make the right choice in Missouri.

Lessons From The Doctor Oz Endorsement

Trump's endorsement of Doctor Oz has lessons for Second Amendment supporters.

The Need For Collective Defense In The Second Amendment Community

Our enemies have played “divide and conquer” against the Second Amendment community for far too long.

Remember Lessons From Past Elections

Second Amendment supporters have learned lessons over the past few years - forgetting them puts our rights at risk.