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Wayne Lapierre vs LTC Allen West to Lead the NRA ~ VIDEO

Does the NRA need new leadership? Is it time for Wayne to step back and let new blood lead the way? What do you think?

Elections Matter: How CA Rifle Case Win Could Have Huge Ripple Effect

When a three-judge panel struck down California’s law prohibiting sales of semiautomatic rifles to young adults, it underscored the importance of who occupies the oval office.

Media Rip Gun Owner Privacy for ‘Hampering Gun Violence Studies’

The article acknowledges “Only a small fraction of guns sold in this country are ever used in a homicide or suicide."

NRA Needs New Leadership, Time for 2A RINO’s to Step Away

How much it is costing the Association – in money, trust, and influence – to keep LaPierre in power. Tell your NRA Directors to stop the madness.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (USA, Ret) Answers the Call to Serve NRA Members

I would be honored to secure the legacy [of the NRA] going forward for future generations of legal, law-abiding American citizens and gun owners...

NRA: Allen West’s Run For Wayne’s’ Job Will Not Prevail In Houston

Wayne LaPierre's motive is to continue the fight to protect our rights and further strengthen the Association to which he has devoted his life.

Why is Wayne LaPierre Still Controlling the NRA? LTC West as Replacement?

An equally perplexing question is why the current NRA Board has so far not even attempted to rein in its rogue executives when they work for the board!?

LTC Allen West ~ Please Challenge Wayne LaPierre for NRA EVP/CEO Position

Allen West would make a great Executive Vice President of the NRA, as a nationally recognized advocate for the 2nd Amendment. West has extensive political experience

Gun Owners Should Object More to Upton’s ‘Element’ than Greene’s

So, what’s Fred done for them to make gun owners favor empowering his "element" over hers?

WA Firearms Preemption Win! ~ Lead Plaintiff Talks as Losers Double Down

Bass concluded, “The court did not act barbarically; it acted by applying the law as it was very clearly written. Which is more than I can say for the government of the city of Edmonds.”

Fight For The First Amendment To Save The Second Amendment

Second Amendment supporters are using their First Amendment rights - and need to make sure they can keep using them.

Biden’s ‘Ghost Gun’ Scheme Ripped as ‘Unconstitutional’ ~ VIDEO

"Once again, Joe Biden is focusing on a bogeyman instead of bad guys by attacking the American tradition of home gunsmithing." - CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb