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Baldwin Shooting Proves Stupidity of Gun Banners But is There a Lesson?

The 100% prevetable firearms accident in New Mexico should be a sober reminder about basic gun safety.

‘Gun Buybacks’ Proof that Desperate ‘Authorities’ Need Scapegoats

Another common tactic is to condemn removing such violent misfits from society as “disproportionate” and use that as “justification” to release them unchecked back into an unlimited victim pool.

Advice for Democrats on Guns Ignores Their Reason Behind Citizen Disarmament

Their "foot soldiers" have proven to be neither disciplined nor mature enough to engage in reasoned discourse instead of aggressive tantrums.

Establishment Republicans Drawing Wrong Conclusions from Virginia Wins

Contrary to “moderate” Republican aversion to embracing the right to arms head-on, firearms freedoms have proven to be powerful motivators for getting out the vote.

Gun Control ‘Experts’ Panic, Supreme Court Hears 2A Case

No citizen should be required to justify his or her exercise of an enumerated right, which is really what the New York case is all about.

Did You Think Cuomo And James Only Wanted The NRA Destroyed?

They’re not after the NRA, they’re after every Second Amendment supporter and every pro-Second Amendment organization. The NRA is just first on their to-do list.

An Insider’s View of the NRA Board of Directors ~ Comments by Rocky Marshall

The BOD will not change course & has no intention of correcting the wrongdoing of the past. An Independent Receiver could help stop the raiding of the NRA’s bank account.

Republicans Cave to Gun Control with Violence Against Women Act

The ultimate question for any Republican considering “negotiating” infringements on the right to keep and bear arms with Democrats is “Why?”

NRA: First They Circled the Wagons, Now NRA is Circling the Drain

NRA is a lost cause. The “leadership” has effectively shut out dissenting voices, ignored valid, serious concerns, promoted corruption and incompetence, and stifled member participation.