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FPC Files Lawsuit Challenging Oregon “Large Capacity” Magazine Ban

FPC announced today that it has filed a new Second Amendment lawsuit challenging Oregon Measure 114’s ban on magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds.

FPC Files Brief in Lawsuit Challenges Georgia’s Ban on Handgun Carry by Young Adults

FPC announced the filing of an opening brief with the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Baughcum v. Jackson, which challenges Georgia's ban on the right to bear arms as to young adults.

NJ Committee’s Contempt for the Supreme Court Obvious in Advancing Gun Control

The audacity of the authors & committee to even propose such a measure reveals the unbridled conceit & disrespect for the People they serve, the Constitution...

Judge Blocks Delaware Ban on Self-Built Firearm Possession, Home Manufacturing

The Court went on to hold that “the right to keep and bear arms implies a corresponding right to manufacture arms."

FPC Files for Injunction Against PA Carry Ban for People with Restored Civil Rights

“Despite Plaintiffs being peaceable citizens...eligible to exercise the right to keep arms, Pennsylvania law unconstitutionally prohibits them from bearing and transporting firearms,” FPC Director

FPC Amends Lawsuit Challenging Tennessee Young Adult Carry Ban

FPC announced the filing of an amended complaint in its case that seeks to restore the right of adults under 21 years of age to carry for self-defense in Tennessee.

Partial Preliminary Injunction in Lawsuit Challenging ATF “Frame or Receiver” Rule

"The Final Rule’s redefinition of ‘frame or receiver’ conflicts with ....plain meaning," wrote District Court Judge O’Connor in his Order. "That which may become a receiver is not itself a receiver."

Lawsuit Filed Challenging ATF’s 80% Firearm “Frame or Receiver” Rule

Joe Biden openly admitted that he would circumvent Congress & have the DOJ & ATF issue new & unconstitutional firearms regulations. This lawsuit challenges this rogue rulemaking.

U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee: Stay In Your Lane. Our Rights Are NOT Debatable

Assault Weapons Ban of 2022: For a legislative body to suppose that it can abrogate the human rights of the very people the represent is the height of conceit!

WARNING: Concealed Carry Issuing Authorities: Follow the Courts’ New Orders

Statement to Concealed Carry Issuing Authorities: Obstructing the People's Fundamental Right to an Effective Self-defense is not an Option.

Firearms Policy Coalition Statement on Steven Dettelbach’s Confirmation to Head ATF

Steven Dettelbach–who aggressively promoted “universal background checks” and “assault weapon” bans–will serve as the first permanent ATF director.

Gun Group Files Lawsuit Challenging New Jersey “Assault Weapon” Ban

"There's no question here," ..." New Jersey’s ban spits in the face of not only the constitution but all the peaceable people of New Jersey.