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Democrats Defund Firearm Education Nationwide

Under this new defunding scheme, millions of students will be denied the ability to learn firearm safety and will be unable to participate in recreational shooting sports.

Anti-Gun(D) Congresswoman Castor Violates Florida Election Laws in Front Of News Orgs

Castor violated the 150-foot exclusion zone, which prohibits candidates and campaign officials from campaigning at polling locations and is a violation of the law.

Eric Swalwell: More Gaslighting of Americans on Gun Control ~ VIDEO

Swalwell (infamously known for his passing gas on national TV) recently used the “we’re not going to take away your guns” tactic on Americans.

Outgoing NE Gov. Ricketts: ‘Constitutional Carry is About Rights’

Nebraska’s Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts has come out swinging in support of Constitutional carry in the Cornhusker State, a goal he calls “unfinished business.”

Grassley: ‘Dems Refuse to Take Responsibility for Rising Crime’

U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) has thrown down a gauntlet, advising the president, “It is disturbing to see Democrats refuse to take responsibility for the rising crime rate..."

New Quinnipiac Poll Has Embarrassing Revelation for Dems

That’s hardly the sort of thing Democrats—who face a potential drubbing in this fall’s midterm elections over everything from gasoline prices to gun rights—want to see in print.

Court Filing: DOJ Punishes Black Man but Protects Hunter Biden

The Biden administration's actions are especially curious, having made “gun control” and outrage over racial injustices domestic policy centerpieces.

‘Constitutional Carry’ Passes Alabama House, Goes to State Senate

According to WHNT News, the bill must now be approved by the Alabama Senate before going to Republican Gov. Kay Ivey.

Media Allies Blame Guns to Distance Democrats from Crime-Enabling Policies

In any case, what The Washington Post has done here is given out talking points to help spread a desperate, pre-midterms Democrat narrative...

Washington, Oregon Gun Prohibitionists Busy as 2022 Looms

“Democratic state lawmakers are proposing a fresh round of firearms restrictions as the Washington Legislature prepares to gather in January"--Seattle Times

Bloomberg Coalition Runs the Table on Homicide Cities

Every one of these collectivist frauds is guilty of oath-breaking and government malpractice to further their own ambitions.

Dem-controlled Cities Hammered with Homicides Amid Cop Cutbacks

“Millions of Americans appreciate now, more than ever, the fact that our Second Amendment protects their right to own a gun." - Alan Gottlieb, CCRKBA