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5th Circuit Court Invalidates ATF Bump-Stock Rule Congress NOT ATF Makes the Law

Thus, Congress, not ATF or the courts, must decide if bump stocks—or any other firearm—should be criminally outlawed, and Congress has not done that with bump stocks.

Colorado: Broomfield Passes Anti-Gun Ordinances

The Broomfield City Council passed a number of the anti-gun ordinances before it, following a public hearing on Tuesday.

Illinois: House Passes Gun & Mag Ban

The amended bill contains much of the language from House Bill 5855 banning commonly-owned firearms and magazines.

Santa Fe City Council Wants to Create Number of ‘Gun-Free Zones’

Santa Fe City Council is considering a resolution that would make it a fourth degree felony for a person to carry a gun in certain locations

New York Attorney General Threatens Ammo Sellers

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced she would expand her assault on the Second Amendment by targeting ammunition sellers.

New Jersey: Bruen-Buster Bill Is Back

On Monday, November 21, the full Assembly is expected to vote on A.4769.  This legislation started out as a “copy-cat” strategy.

Gun Control Ballot Measure Passes in Oregon, While Iowans Vote for Freedom

Two firearm-related ballot measures – one bad, one good – were voted on in last week’s midterm elections. Both passed.

Canadian Provinces Tell Trudeau – No Money for Federal Gun Grabs

We have made it clear to the Government of Canada that we cannot ...use of those limited resources [for] planned buyback programs.

Woe is Me: “bags of human excrement” ~ Double Standards of “Defund the Police”

Six times now, bags of human excrement have been thrown into my yard.” It “does not appear that the Seattle Police Department agrees that this is in any way a serious matter.”

Canada’s Liberals Bypass Parliament for Gun Ban

Prime Minister Trudeau’s government introduced Bill C-21 proposing a permanent freeze on the sale, transfer, and import of handguns in Canada

NRA Endorses Derek Schmidt in Kansas Primary

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is proud to announce its endorsement of Derek Schmidt for governor of Kansas.

New Jersey to Vote on Gov. Murphy’s Gun Bans TODAY!

Anti-gun politicians in Trenton will have their opportunity this week to lash out against New Jersey gun owners.