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Canada’s Gun Control Measures: Expensive, Ineffective, Political Posturing

The result is the government “has ...erased the value of more than $4 billion worth of private property (i.e. firearms) by ordering its confiscation.

Far More Gun Owners than Gun Banners Like to Pretend

Will this new study convince gun control advocates to abandon their disingenuous arguments about gun ownership...

OMG ..No, Children Are Not More Likely To Die By Guns Than Cars

The next time you see a shocking headline about children and firearms, keep in mind how those pushing a political agenda have no interest in the truth.

Habitual Freedom Hater Misleading the Public on Guns …Once Again

The Professor of Health Policy at Harvard University’s Injury Control Research Center, has been a proud proponent of anti-gun “research” for many years...

Changes Coming Soon for New York State Gun Owners

Heads up, New York residents. Some significant changes will take effect early next month in the Empire State.

National Review’s Reporting FAIL on ATF Frame or Receiver Rule

It’s surprising when the conservative National Review seemingly bends over backward to defend the weaponized agency in a poorly researched and written piece.

Massachusetts: Major Pro-Gun Rally On August 27th, 2023

On August 27th, Massachusetts's Gun Owners Action League will be holding a "2A Freedom Celebration" in Quincy,  MA. to rally against gun control.

“Real Change” – Canada’s Violent Crime, Homicide Rates Hit Historical Highs

Crime, overall, continues to rise in Canada. Violent crime (as measured by the Violent Crime Severity Index) “rose in 2022, reaching its highest point since 2007.”

Delusional City Leadership – Criminals Are Making Our Cities Safer!

In much the same way that shoplifting has become “shopping” in progressive-run cities and gun control is rebranded as “responsible...

Can the NRA be Saved? Open Call for Activist NRA Board Candidates!

The NRA needs Directors who are willing to ask tough questions, challenge the status quo, and stand up for the membership.

Lawmakers Challenge DOJ Over Red Flag Taxation

For instance, Montana’s grant award makes clear that the state will not use its nearly $1.4 million SCIP funding to pursue gun control.

New Zealand Gun Owner Leak Shows Gun Registration Dangers

As both New Zealand and California show, the only sure way to safeguard gun owner data is to not collect it at all.