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Michigan House Passes Mandatory Long Gun Registration

On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing and sent House Bills 4138, 4142, and 4143 straight to the floor.

Governor Justice Signs NRA-Backed Campus Self-Defense Act

The National Rifle Association joined West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice today for the signing of the Campus Self-Defense Act.

Pro-Discrimination, End-Game Gun Control Introduced in California

California is a laboratory for oppressive and ineffective gun control. And, for the most part, the proponents of these measures have kept up the charade that they are aimed at reducing crime, accidents, or suicides. But now some activists are becoming emboldened to drop the pretense and to admit they simply want to do away […]

South Carolina House Passes Constitutional Carry

Yesterday, the House voted 87-26 to pass House Bill 3594, the constitutional carry bill that recognizes the right to lawfully carry a firearm

NRA-ILA Ledership Changes & Republicans Are in Trouble

Younger gun owners now perceive the NRA as a “Fudd” organization, more focused on “sporting purposes” than on preservation of the Second Amendment as a natural right.

North Dakota House Voting on Gun Bills Today

The North Dakota House will be voting on 3 pro-gun bills today. Please contact your Representative urging them to support these bills!

Trudeau’s Liberals in ‘Humiliating Climbdown’ on Bill C-21

In the face of a furious backlash against changes proposed to Bill C-21, Canada's anti-gun politicians were forced to make big changes.

Prohibitionists Seek to Weaponize Another Federal Agency Against Guns

Ambitious gun control advocates have long sought a “whole of government approach” to stamping out the right to keep and bear arms.

5th Circuit Court Invalidates ATF Bump-Stock Rule Congress NOT ATF Makes the Law

Thus, Congress, not ATF or the courts, must decide if bump stocks—or any other firearm—should be criminally outlawed, and Congress has not done that with bump stocks.

Colorado: Broomfield Passes Anti-Gun Ordinances

The Broomfield City Council passed a number of the anti-gun ordinances before it, following a public hearing on Tuesday.

Illinois: House Passes Gun & Mag Ban

The amended bill contains much of the language from House Bill 5855 banning commonly-owned firearms and magazines.

Santa Fe City Council Wants to Create Number of ‘Gun-Free Zones’

Santa Fe City Council is considering a resolution that would make it a fourth degree felony for a person to carry a gun in certain locations