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Hochul & New York Ban Toy Guns Right Before Christmas ~ VIDEO

In a last-ditch effort to make their hatred for the 2nd Amendment known, Governor Hochul & New York Democrats have now decided to ban children’s toys right before Christmas.

LawFare: Supporting Motion Filed NY Parks Gun Ban Lawsuit

We are asking the court for a preliminary injunction .... it is imperative the court step in to prevent enforcement of this ban on carry in public parks.

NY Now Demanding Guns be Disabled & Locked Up at Home ~ VIDEO

New York's new demand letter also appears to be an attempt to get gun owners to subject themselves to the forfeiture of their 2A rights!?

Biden Admins’ New Definition of What a Gun is Comes Under Legal Challenge

It is a glaring example of overreach under the Biden administration, which has been pursuing an anti-gun agenda since Joe Biden was sworn into office.

2A Activists Win Preliminary Injunction In Challenge Of NY Church Gun Ban

In his 44-page ruling, Judge Sinatra noted New York state’s new place of worship restriction is unconstitutional.

At What Point Do New York Voters Say “NO” To Crime & Corrupt Government?

The five Boroughs of NYC are a cesspool of violence. Crime is rampant. It is out of control. And it is affecting the entire State. No one is safe.

Federal Judge Blocks NY States’ Place-of-Worship Gun Ban

A federal court judge has granted a temporary restraining order in a case declaring the NY's “place of worship” restriction as unconstitutional.

NY: Federal Courts Must Rein In Governor Hochul’s Out-Of-Control Government

The Federal Courts of New York can no longer shirk their duty to the U.S. Constitution that mandates the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

New York’s Unconstitutional Gun Law On Hold, Gun-Banner Hochl Expected to Double Down

October 6, 2022, the U.S. District Court of NY granted the Plaintiffs’ Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order on parts of Concealed Carry Improvement Act.

The New York Antonyuk Case: a Second Amendment Supreme Court Gun Case In The Making?

As quickly as Hochul signed the amendments to New York’s unconstitutional Gun Law, an American citizen & New York resident, Ivan Antonyuk, along with Gun Owners of America, filed their challenge.

NYS Jewish Gun Club Taking On NY State Gun Bans Interview With Tzvi Waldman

As the Jewish High Holidays approach, we are appalled that we will be unprotected while our families spend many hours in our shuls. The 2nd amendment is not a second-class right.

Demand Reparations For NY Crime Victims Denied CCW Licenses

Crime victims who were deprived of their most important right of self-defense deserve reparations. New York state should compensate them or their surviving families.