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Changes Coming Soon for New York State Gun Owners

Heads up, New York residents. Some significant changes will take effect early next month in the Empire State.

Can A Person Carry A Handgun Into A House Of Worship, In New York?

The New York Government’s end goal is to make the entire State one all-encompassing “Gun-Free Zone” & the people, & Supreme Court be damned...

NY Police Union: Governor’s Gun Seizure Mandate is Hindering Crime Fighting

The spike in ERPOs has created an unmanageable workload ...undoubtedly causing other criminal investigations to suffer ...gun confiscation orders are important but so are murder, rape & robbery investigations.

NY Anti-Gun Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Gun Accessory Manufacturer

Letitia James has taken legal action against Mean Arms, a Georgia-based gun accessory manufacturer, claiming they are in part responsible for the Buffalo mass shooter having normal capacity magazines.

Pro-Gun Org. Condemns Violent Times Square Attack On Gay Couple

Anti-gun administrations, especially NYC’s mayor & council, have created widespread “sensitive areas” where firearms, & there for self-defense, are no longer permitted.

NY State Defies SCOTUS on Stun Guns, Putting Good Citizens At Risk of Jail Time

While NY Democrats spit on our sacred judicial system, an unconstitutional law continues to put NY residents at risk of fines & even jail time for possessing stun guns.

Fulton County Sheriff Giardino Stands Firm Against NY’s Unconstitutional Handgun Scheme

I raised my right hand to uphold the constitution. Now the governor of NY wants me to break that oath. Law enforcement has been placed in an untenable position of enforcing laws that are unconstitutional.

Wait…What? Defendant In N.Y. Gun Rights Case AGREES Court Should Grant Injunction!?

This is undoubtedly an unusual development. The NY Legislature needs to go back to the drawing board & try again to craft a law that complies with the Supreme Court’s guidelines.

Why Do Some School Districts Employ Armed Resource Personnel & Others Do Not?

Focusing entirely on guns, they conclude that children cannot be safe unless all guns are eliminated from society. That is an impossible & ridiculous demand,

What Supreme Court’s Order To NY Sate In Antonyuk vs Nigrelli Really Means

Time is on their side, and the Government has everything to gain by drawing this case out for months if it can. And the Second Circuit would make sure this happens...

New York Governor Hochul Is Caught Between A Rock & Hard Place

Once the High Court finds the CCIA unconstitutional, it could go one step further, finding the entire New York concealed handgun carry licensing structure unconstitutional.

Tremendous Clash At Hand Between Supreme Court & NY Government Over Guns

The U.S. Supreme Court knows there is no logical and legal reason to allow the enforcement of an unconstitutional gun law. Will the NY Government admit that fact?