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SCOTUS ‘Ghost Gun’ Vote Underscores Importance of Vetting Judicial Candidates on Second Amendment

How Roberts and Barrett square the regulatory part of the law with text, history, and tradition test is left unstated.

What Supreme Court’s Order To NY Sate In Antonyuk vs Nigrelli Really Means

Time is on their side, and the Government has everything to gain by drawing this case out for months if it can. And the Second Circuit would make sure this happens...

SCOTUS Declines To Hear Two Bump Stock Cases

The Supreme Court’s decision means bump stocks will remain illegal, & it might be some time before the court hears a case that will reign in the rogue ATF agency.

Supreme Court Upholds Gun Rights Outside of the Home, Let’s Break It Down

The opinion by Justice Thomas is relatively simple. The Constitution must be interpreted as what it meant to the people who ratified it in 1791.... Shall Not Be Infringed.

High Court Ruling In N.Y Gun Case Affirms Right To Bear Arms

We expect bureaucrats and even judges in various courts to resist today’s ruling... We’re putting them on notice we’ll be watching!!

Anti-gunners’ Tasteless Judge Jackson Remark: ‘Badass’

Everytown for Gun Safety, the billionaire-backed gun prohibition lobbying group bankrolled by anti-gun former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, went off the proverbial “deep end”

Amicus Brief Supports Gun Owners of America’s Bump Stock Case

“Basically, the government announces to the court what it is to believe and then demands the court march in lock-step along with it.

What The Next Long-Term Fights Will Be for the Second Amendment

Second Amendment supporters need to begin to prepare for the next round of long-term battles.

Anti-gunner Anguish as Ohio, Alabama Go ‘Constitutional’

Anti-gunners in two states are in anguish over the adoption of “constitutional carry” statutes with predictions from the far left that both states will become less safe.

Republicans RINOs Don’t Roll Over for Anti-Gunners’ Supreme Court Nominee

The Senate of 2022 is tied, with 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, which presents Republicans with an interesting procedural option: denying a quorum in the Senate Judiciary Committee...

The Secondary Issues That Matter to the Second Amendment

Gun control legislation is not the only metric Second Amendment supporters should use when evaluating candidates for office.

Media Allies Blame Guns to Distance Democrats from Crime-Enabling Policies

In any case, what The Washington Post has done here is given out talking points to help spread a desperate, pre-midterms Democrat narrative...