There Can Be No Negotiating on the Right to Arms — with Hate Groups or with Anyone

Their pinned tweet says they hate you. And they want you disarmed. (Newtown Action Alliance/Facebook)

“Senate Majority Leader @SenSchumer  is negotiating with the NRA to pass his priority bill – the SAFE Act, a cannabis banking legislation – with Section 10 added as a sweetener for the NRA-backed Senate Republicans,” Newtown Action Alliance tweeted (x’ed?) Monday. “We appreciate @SenJackReed  working to modify the bill to ensure that regulators can warn banks about risky customers – like gun retailers. Congress should not be negotiating with the NRA, a terrorist group that is pushing its any guns to anyone everywhere agenda. Guns are the #1 killer of our children & gun deaths have increased 50% since the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy.”

That’s a lot of vitriol-drenched lies to unpack. Let’s start with NRA’s interest, which is passage of the  Fair Access to Banking Act to protect against “banks, credit card companies, and other financial service providers [setting] terms of service that openly discriminate against lawful firearm-related commerce.” Gun owners who recall the days of Operation Chokepoint recall the offensive excesses – from financial ostracism of FFLs and the pejorative conflation equating them with purveyors of “Ponzi schemes” and “racist materials” to the ridiculous revelation that ATF’s banker was stiffing porn stars – pun intended. (Note: Those last two links go to the Internet Archive and may take a bit to load).

Democrat gun-grabber Jack Reed’s interest is in imposing Operation Chokepoint on steroids, this time by mandating Department of Precrime “snitchware” via “Merchant Category Codes” developed by a “progressive” bank affiliated with a leftist union that “rakes in millions from Dem campaigns, liberal orgs,” and has organized rallies and marched in solidarity with communists.

Suddenly motives are seeming less and less about “gun safety” and more and more about totalitarian citizen disarmament. So, let’s look at the last part of Newtown Action Alliance’s missive.

Congress should just impose such edicts and not include the largest lobby group representing millions of gun-owning citizens in its deliberations…? Leave them with no voice in what’s going to happen to their property — and to them if they don’t comply…?

That’s the “our democracy” these people are always ranting about? And somehow, it makes sense to impose unconstitutional infringements, right down to their dreamed-of confiscations, on the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet, a substantial number of whom will not disarm…?

And tens of millions of peaceable Americans, who have murdered no one, robbed no one, threatened no one, and who simply want to be left alone by a government that respects the Bill of Rights, are terrorists…? Meaning — if the word has any meaning — they need to be taken out with extreme prejudice, whether by Joe Biden’s F-15s, Eric Swalwell’s nukes, or else “bundled off to Bagram” without trial…?

That’s the way to reduce “gun violence”…?

As for that last bit about guns being the #1 killer of children, criminal defense attorney Tom Grieve put together a pretty useful and succinct set of facts to counter those lies.

In Newtown Action Alliance’s case, they’ve relieved us of any obligation to engage through their use of insults, libel, and lies. That’s because a critical mass of us not only won’t negotiate on the Second Amendment beyond “No, your move,” but we also want nothing to do with self-admitted hate groups.

A literal hate group…? Don’t take my word for it; take theirs from their three-year-old pinned tweet:

Some gun owners will reflect on Fairfax “management” under Wayne LaPierre and think they may have a point, but it wouldn’t matter who ran the group — they’d hate non-compromisers who refuse to “Negotiate Rights Away” even worse (and for the record NRA is not for an “anyone everywhere agenda” — far from it). But just as Donald Trump is an avatar for voters who believed in the agenda that he ran on to get elected, the NRA, in this case, is an avatar for all gun owners who believe in defending the right to keep and bear arms.

If that description fits, go ahead and take it personally. They hate you. And they want you disarmed.

Unrestrained public outbursts like that are why these people are quickly becoming my “favorite” gun-grab group — every time the bigger ones start to sound (to the uninformed) like they’re being “commonsense” and “moderate,” just share something these fanatics’ post to show how any “compromise” acceded to by Vichycon collaborators will never be enough for the string pullers behind disarmament and the lunatic zealots living the cult life.

They’re so cartoonishly over the top, I’m starting to suspect NAA Chair Po Murray of being our gal in the gun ban camp, with a real agenda to make the grabtards look increasingly ludicrous to everyone who is, for the most part, normal and still reachable…

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea