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Right To Dissent & The Right To Bear Arms: Bulwarks Against Tyranny

Americans remain at the moment privileged to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day, Labor Day, and other Holidays. But, for how much longer.

Government Is Conditioning Americans To Despise Their Rights & Liberties ~ VIDEO

But Americans are also coming to see that the Marxists and Globalists abhor one natural law right, in particular over all the others: the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

The Rittenhouse Case & the Greatness of an Armed America ~ VIDEO

The greatest, gravest threat to forces that dare to crush our Country into submission is the continued existence of the armed American citizen.

The Rittenhouse Case; This Time We The People, Won! ~ VIDEO

The State’s case against Kyle was nonsensical from start to finish. It was an oblique attack on the right of self-defense. A direct assault on civilian ownership and possession of firearms.

A Monstrous Plot To Reshape Every Institution Of The Nation ~ Treason VIDEO

The Constitution places Executive Decision-Making authority in one person, and one person, only: The president of the United States.

NY Times Unleashes Attack Dogs In Op-Ed On Eve Of Second Amendment Supreme Court Case

An Op-Ed published in The New York Times demonstrates their abhorrence of the unfettered Constitutional Rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.

U.S. Administration & Congress Operating Outside The Bounds Of The Constitution

The Neo-Marxist Pelosi-Schumer-controlled Congress is operating in contradistinction to its Constitutional directive in defiance to the “TAKE CARE” CLAUSE of the Constitution.

The U.S. Federal Government Has Gone Rogue ~ Treason At The Highest Levels

The Harris-Biden Admin & the Pelosi-Schumer-Controlled Congress do not perceive the Constitution as an essential framework within which they are to exercise their respective powers.

Attacks On The 1st & 2nd Amendments All Evidence of Biden Admin’s Ongoing Treason

An Administration that won’t tolerate dissenting speech, most certainly won’t long abide an armed citizenry either.

Harris-Biden Administration’s Assault On The Bill Of Rights Betrays U.S. Constitution

One must ask, does the treachery of Government and Betrayal of the Oath to the Nation, Constitution, and People amount to actionable Treason?

Only A Well-Armed Citizenry Can Effectively Resist Tyranny via Treason

They will go after America’s firearms because an armed citizenry constitutes an immediate & dire threat to the execution of their goal: The imposition of global tyranny.

Treason: Tyranny Of Government Is Treachery To A Nation’s People

In the space of eight months, after the puppet-masters evicted Donald Trump from Office through the unethical and criminal manipulation of the electoral process, the Nation is unrecognizable.