Another “Mass Shooting” Because Those Who “Hate Guns” Are Blind To The Solution


New York – -( Mass shootings need not happen but continue to happen because of ineffective security measures.

Video footage shows the assailant, Anthony McRae, walking through an unlocked door with a handgun.

Yet, security officers didn’t stop him. A “mop-up” operation occurred after the fact, much too late to save lives.

Mass shooting incidents don’t occur at our airports or in federal courts and office buildings because they are “hardened” against criminal violence.

But the Biden Administration and the “woke” community oppose “hardening” schools and universities.

Instead, they focus attention on futile gestures, like trying to discern a lunatic’s motive and decrying “guns,” “gun violence,” “far-right extremism,” and the Second Amendment.

Such topics satisfy the predilections of some. They also deflect discussion away from solving a root problem and direct it toward reinforcing a narrative—one in service to an agenda. And the agenda is aimed at achieving a long-sought goal: erasing the exercise of the natural law right to armed self-defense.

The Country is not served well by this. The MSU tragedy was senseless but, unfortunately, predictable.

Places of learning remain both “soft targets” and desirable targets. Sadly, “mass shootings” will recur. That is a dead certainty.

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