Coalition of FFLs Sue Over Biden’s “Zero Tolarance” Policy

In recent months, the Second Amendment community has faced unprecedented challenges in the wake of President Biden’s attack on gun rights. One of the most contentious issues has been implementing the “zero tolerance” policy for gun dealers by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). As staunch defenders of the Second Amendment, a coalition of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) has stepped up to contest what they view as an overreach of government authority. The alliance is led by Eric Blandford, who runs the successful YouTube channel Iraqveteran8888.

“Selling firearms is a perfectly normal business venture, and nobody should have to fear losing their entire life savings over a typo,” Blandford told AmmoLand News.

The announcement was announced on the popular YouTuber’s channel. He was joined in the video by Senior Vice President of GOA, Erich Pratt.

The Biden administration’s “zero tolerance” policy for gun dealers has drawn significant criticism from pro-gun advocates, including FFLs.

President Biden claims that the policy aims to crack down on alleged violations of federal gun laws by firearm dealers. The coalition of FFLs claims the ATF is taking an over-aggressive stance on even minor clerical errors. The members point to the ATF punishing law-abiding FFLs for trivial mistakes and administrative errors leading to the revocation of FFLs. Under the policy, the revocation of FFLs is at a 17-year high.

The FFL coalition argues that the ATF’s “zero tolerance” approach undermines the due process rights of FFLs and could potentially lead to the unjust revocation of licenses. Instead of focusing on rooting out actual criminals, this policy places undue burdens on small business owners who strive to adhere to complex and often confusing regulations. There is also evidence that the ATF is using the revocation process as retaliation against FFLs that sue the Bureau. Moorehouse Enterprises is one of the alleged victims of ATF reprisal. The gun store sued the ATF over the new rule on frames and receivers. After the lawsuit was launched, a local Industry Operations Inspector (IOI) examined the company’s books and found a few errors. Even though the IOI was positive about the inspection, the small local business received a revocation letter. The gun store has now launched a second lawsuit contesting the revocation with the help of Gun Owners of America (GOA).

The legal battle launched by the FFL coalition centers on upholding the principles of due process and fair treatment under the law.

Pro-gun advocates argue that treating minor administrative mistakes with the same severity as deliberate violations disproportionately punishes FFLs who are attempting to comply with an elaborate set of regulations.

The coalition believes that this overzealous approach by the ATF could have far-reaching implications, not only for FFLs but for the broader Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. By contesting the ATF’s “zero tolerance” policy, the coalition seeks to protect not only their livelihoods but also the rights of responsible gun owners across the nation.

The ongoing legal battle between gun stores and the ATF represents a pivotal moment for Second Amendment rights in the United States. The FFL coalition’s efforts are a testament to the enduring commitment of Americans to safeguard their constitutional rights.

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