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NE: Gilbert Grooms Shotgun Self Defense Case: Jury Trial, NOT Guilty, 2 1/2 Hours

When the man continued to confront him & come at him, he used a shotgun to stop the assault. He was found not guilty of all charges.

New Orleans Man Sentenced for Violating the Federal Gun Control Act

According to court records, Walker was standing outside of his residence when the occupants of a white SUV opened fire at him....

For the Sake of Your Own Magnificence, Be Dangerous!

These “experts” talk ad nauseam about “rules,” “orders of protection,” "red flag laws," “restraining orders,” & “developing a personal safety plan.

Wake Up! You Need to Watch Your Own Back ~ VIDEO

A middle-aged Navy veteran, walking his dog right outside his own home was attacked & severely beaten...

Violent Crime! Our Personal Safety Depends Upon Ourselves

Less than half of crimes of violence in the USA are never “solved.” Of the ones that are “solved” or “cleared,” few arrests & successful prosecutions ever result.

Homeowner Stops Burglary, Wounds Intruder in Gunfight

A homeowner in the town of Maine, New York, successfully stopped two attackers in an attempted burglary turned gunfight.

Oakland CA.’s Comical Crime Prevention Proposal Makes You Bust Out Laughing

Oakland’s Police Department is telling residents that getting their hands on an air horn is their best defense against out-of-control crime.

Massive FAIL! America Has A Crime Reporting Problem

Shockingly a third of America’s cities are no longer reporting crime statistics to the FBI.

Los Angeles Police Shortage is No Surprise in Liberal Strong Holds

This means that when you call the police in LA for anything short of a life-threatening, forcible felony in progress, they’re not coming!

Armed & Prepared-to-Shoot Heroes to the Rescue, Once More! ~ VIDEO

This terrorist’s attack had barely begun when he was swiftly gunned down by an off-watch Border Police Officer who was present & armed!

Grow Your Pistol Skills, While Keeping Serious Rifles/Shotguns Nearby & Handy

Three heroic Fargo, ND PD Patrolmen, investigating a reported traffic accident were precipitously fired upon by a suspect who was sitting in an uninvolved vehicle.

Safely Navigating the Obama/Biden “Changed Our Nation” Disaster

It is so bad (and dangerous) in Portland, Seattle, SF, LA, NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Memphis, DC, et al that decent people are all moving out!