Homeowner Stops Burglary, Wounds Intruder in Gunfight

Armed Defender Ends Attack on the Road, iStock-1354934183
Homeowner Stops Burglary, Wounds Intruder in Gunfight, iStock-1354934183

A homeowner in the town of Maine, New York, successfully stopped two attackers in an attempted burglary.

The two individuals, later identified as Jayvon Phillip, 21, and Rozlyn Warthen, 31, of Binghamton, NY, now face charges of attempted murder and burglary.

According to news reports, on the night of August 23rd, Broome County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the home on Bradley Creek Road for a reported burglary during which shots were fired. Their subsequent investigation revealed masked suspects were attempting to break into the home. As the suspects attempted to enter the home, they unlawfully pointed a firearm at the homeowner.

According to the sheriff’s office, the homeowner exchanged gunfire with the suspect in front of his home.

The homeowner escaped unharmed from the eight shots the suspect fired. In return, the homeowner was able to fire back two shots, striking one suspect. The assailants fled from the scene.

The suspects, Phillip and Warthen, were found at a nearby hospital where Phillip was being treated for a gunshot wound to his leg. Deputies determined that the two men went armed with handguns to rob the home. The pair were charged with attempted murder, attempted burglary, and criminal use of a firearm.

The investigation found that this was not a random attack, and the homeowner was specifically targeted.

News reports show the sheriff’s office has said the homeowner was in his legal right to defend himself.

“I’d like to thank the dedicated men and women of the Broome County Sheriff’s Office Patrol and Detectives divisions for their quick response and thorough investigation throughout this process to ensure these two individuals were apprehended quickly and efficiently. This case also highlights the right of every day, law-abiding homeowners to be able to legally defend themselves,” said Broome County Sheriff Fred Akshar.

The investigation is still open. Anyone with additional information about the incident should call the Broome County Sheriff’s Office.

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