What Would Our Grandparents Think?

By David Limbaugh

No Left Turns
No Left Turns
David Limbaugh
David Limbaugh

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Please join me on a whirlwind tour around the zany world of modern leftism. Many stops are available, so the following ones were just the first ones I saw.

Seeing as President Obama and his fellow leftist ideologues can’t permit themselves to stimulate the economy by getting the government off people’s backs, they continue to resort to top-down methods to transfer wealth from certain groups to others. As such, the Department of Labor issued a new rule to guarantee overtime benefits for salaried workers earning less than $47,476 a year.

Forget the lack of constitutional authority to make this change; only old-fashioned sticklers care about that anymore. But be aware that just as with the mandatory minimum wage hike, the very workers who are ostensibly to benefit from this rule may be the ones who suffer — as employers may convert salaried workers to hourly workers to avoid prohibitive labor costs. The rule may result in small net pay increases but will increase bureaucratic red tape, provide fewer advancement opportunities for employees and, some predict, create such unintended consequences as increasing tuition at colleges and universities.

But liberals care more than you do, so quit dwelling on the negatives, aka reality.

Speaking of the mandatory minimum wage increase, despite economists warning for years that such raises increase unemployment, the Obama administration has pressed forward. Already, we read that Wendy’s intends to provide self-service ordering kiosks in more than 6,000 restaurants to counter the government-mandated hike on its overhead.

Moving on to East Liverpool, Ohio, we learn that militant atheists and others have succeeded in bullying the public high school into discontinuing its tradition of having the Lord’s Prayer sung at its commencement ceremonies. In the name of religious freedom, the left continues to muzzle religious expression.

Zipping up to New York, we observe that Mayor Bill de Blasio has seen fit to force local businesses to address customers by their preferred gender pronouns — “regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual’s identification” — at the risk of fines up to $250,000. Insane, or just pure evil? Please don’t sell out and say “neither.”

Now let’s take the shuttle over to the nation’s capital, where House Republicans are initiating an investigation into the 20 attorneys general pursuing fraud allegations against Exxon Mobil and others in the fossil fuel industry. This is in response to a March 29 announced witch hunt by the attorneys general (the “Green 20”) against those who have questioned the wacko environmentalist narrative on “climate change.

There are just no words — except those in praise of the House Republicans.

Next, we move on to the beleaguered U.S. military under this administration. Obama and company are pursuing burdensome renewable energy initiatives for the Department of Defense — requiring it to produce or procure at least 25 percent of its facility energy from renewable energy sources by fiscal 2025. Forget the cost to taxpayers and damage to our military; the left’s project of destroying America must proceed.

Sometimes leftists’ tyranny comes back to bite them, as we see with the Environmental Protection Agency’s being compelled to pay $55,000 to get a convicted child molester to retire because the Merit Systems Protections Board prevented the firing. Nor is this an isolated case.

PC Gender Offender : Transgender bathroom rights over everyone else’s rights to safety and privacy.
PC Gender Offender : Transgender bathroom rights over everyone else’s rights to safety and privacy.

Shifting our gaze to academia, we find that Hampden-Sydney College fired Jerry Boykin, once commander of the Army’s elite Delta Force, for his comments on transgender bathrooms. Boykin, doubtlessly expressing the sentiments of many still-sane Americans, said, “The first man who goes in the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery.”

Stalinist leftists bombarded the school with complaints and pressured it to fire Boykin because his comments were allegedly tantamount to urging violence against transgender individuals.

Boykin insisted he was not urging violence. I’m old enough to remember when even liberals pretended to champion free speech. I’m also old enough to remember when Americans were united in realizing that such bizarre notions as the state’s sanctioning grown men to enter young girls’ bathrooms were utterly unthinkable.

Come to think of it, I’m also old enough to remember the days when top administration officials would be thrown out on their ears and their presidential boss would be held accountable for admitting, let alone bragging, that they deceived the American people into believing a false narrative about something like the Iranian nuclear deal or Obamacare.

You should realize that I found all these items in less than 30 minutes of effortless Internet surfing. Is it any wonder people, by the millions, are outraged at what’s going on in this culture and are demanding a radical reversal? The political left, however, is relentless, and if you let your guard down for a second, leftists will gobble up more of America’s sanity. Increased vigilance and decisive counteraction are the only things that can possibly save our culture. As distasteful and unnatural as it is for our side, we have to be every bit as aggressive as the rabid left.


David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book is “Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel.” Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at www.davidlimbaugh.com.

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