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Vudoo Gun Works Mobius 1911 Review

The Vudoo Gun Works Mobius 1911 is a very interesting gun that both answers one question and asks another.

ICYMI 5 Circuit: Ban on 2A Rights by Civil Restraining Order is Unconstitutional

For decades people have had their lives destroyed by this evil & unconstitutional law. Now the Biden DOJ wants SCOTUS to repeal a decision blocking it.

Rounds’ ‘Bipartisan’ Betrayals Undermine His Second Amendment Actions

Legislatures will then be able to pass whatever anti-gun edicts they want while confirming judges, especially to the Supreme Court, who will uphold those edicts and reverse gains (like Bruen) made to date.

Indianapolis Police Secretly Funneled Firearm Data To ATF For More Than 50 Years

Police admit they never obtained search warrants to test the firearms. The data was then sent to the Bureau of ATF, which used it to create an illegal gun registry...

Kentucky Legislature Passes Second Amendment Protection Act

The Kentucky legislature has passed a Second Amendment Protection Act and sent it to Democrat Governor Beshear.

Armasight Announces Watchman IR Illuminator

Trailblazer and Category Leader in Thermal and Night Vision, Armasight announces the Watchman IR Illuminator.

Montana: House to Vote on Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Bill

House Bill 674 proposes an optional enhanced concealed carry permit that would allow recognition of Montanans' carry permits in 5 more states

Ammo Deals: NOBEL AMMO 209 Primers 10,000 Pack $399.99 FREE S&H $0.039 Each

10,000-piece packs of Nobel Ammo 209 Primers in stock and shipping FREE for $399.99. That is $0.039 each a primer.

NRA: Meet The New Cover, Up Same As The Old Cover Up

A new move is afoot in the ongoing soap opera that is today’s National Rifle Association. A motion has been put forward to amend the current Bylaws to allow more continued unaccountability....

House Committee Hearing About ATF Disrupted; CCRKBA Calls to Withhold Funding

During the course of the hearing, Democrats repeatedly tried to portray this inquiry into ATF overreach as a threat to the safety of American children. Republicans, on the other hand, focused on ATF’s flip-flop on a rule regarding pistol stabilizing braces.

Recorded Defensive Uses of Pistols Against Bears Has Grown Exponentially

The recorded and published number of cases where pistols are used in defense against bears has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 130 years.
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