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Massive Errors in FBI’s Active Shooting Reports, I Wonder How That Happen?

Analysis found that armed citizens stopped 157 of the 440 active shooter incidents, a rate of 35.7%. This is significantly higher than the 4.6% rate reported by the FBI.

NE: Gilbert Grooms Shotgun Self Defense Case: Jury Trial, NOT Guilty, 2 1/2 Hours

When the man continued to confront him & come at him, he used a shotgun to stop the assault. He was found not guilty of all charges.

MT: Stalker in Gun Free School Zone Case Has 5 Criminal Convictions, But He’s NOT the One in Jail!?

Documentary evidence has been uncovered which shows the stalker in the Gun Free School Zone case in Billings Montana had five misdemeanor convictions within the last year.

Massachusetts’s ‘Firearm Modernizing Act’, HD.4420, Turns Sportsmen into Felons

Massachusetts "An Act Modernizing Firearm Laws", does nothing to reduce gun violence in the Bay State & instead will turn all law-abiding sportsmen of any age into felons.

U.S. Concealed Carry Association Condemns NM Concealed Carry Killing Emergency Order

The unlawful order stripping law-abiding citizens’ right to self-defense is an egregious case of executive overreach.

It’s Bad. NM Gov. (D) Grisham’s Public Health Order : Unconstitutional, Defies Bruen Ruling, & State’s Own Statutes

Governor Grisham’s gun-ban Health Order is legally incoherent, incompatible with State Statute, and unconstitutional. Here is why....

Congratulate Camdyn Powers on Her Winning Performance at 2023 IPRF Rimfire World Championship

Camdyn Powers had a remarkable performance at the 2023 IPRF Rimfire World Championship held in Gaglietole di Collazzone, Italy. Ms. Powers achieved a 2nd place in the Ladies category & an impressive 12th place overall.

Book Review: America’s Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything

It was planned. It was executed. It was through the deliberate and calculated use of lies, fraud, hypocrisy, and coordinated rejection of truth, morality, rationality, and science.

Court Filing by Indian Police Defendants Contradicts Sheriff’s Account of Kloepfer Shooting

This is not the first disconnect between what the sheriff has claimed and subsequent evidence uncovered, as a series of exclusive AmmoLand reports have demonstrated.

CZ-USA Scorpion 3+ Micro 9mm Pistol $597.74 REBATE FREE SH&H

Low prices on the coolest handguns. Like a CZ-USA Scorpion 3+ Micro 9mm Pistol for $597.74 after an MFG's rebate, and they throw in FREE shipping.

New Mexico Gun Shop Seizes Polymer80 Pistol For Not Having A Serial Number

A man seeking help to find a holster for his Polymer80 had his firearms seized by a New Mexico gun store for lacking a serial number. Except that is NOT a crime.
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