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Oklahoma Sen. McCortney Stonewalls Pro-2A Bill

Oklahoma Majority Floor Leader Greg McCortney is refusing to bring the FIND Act, House Bill 3144, up for a vote in the Senate.

Inexpensive Methods of Testing Bullet Penetration by Old N Bold

Old N Bold offers an inexpensive way to test bullet penetration. Sheetrock layers are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and consistent.

Mayor Adams Offers Very Bad Advice to New Yorkers

Mayor Adams failed to turn the focus and resources towards those that commit crimes and hold them to account.

Take A Hike: Garmont Vetta Tech GTX Boot ~ Review

If you're looking for a light weight, durable and nice looking pair of hunting boots check out the Garmont Vetta Tech hiking boots.

FPF Training Street Encounters Debrief

Street Encounters by FPF Training is one of the most well rounded courses for armed defense I’ve seen to date. Check out my review here.

Congressional Gun-Banners Introduce Extremist Federal Gun License Bill

Anti-gunners have introduced legislation that would require American citizens to obtain a federal license from the DOJ before they could buy every gun!

Senate Republicans Can Resist Emotion-Fueled Rush on ATF Nominee

"The Senate of 2022 is tied, with 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, which presents Republicans with an interesting procedural option: denying a quorum in the Senate Judiciary Committee..."

Ammo Prices Going Down? Federal .22 at Walmart, 6.5 cents/rd

A Yuma Walmart had 20 thousand rounds of .22 LR ammunition at 6.5 cents per round on the shelves. Is the ammunition bubble leaking?

2nd Amendment & Philip Rizzo, NJ GOP Congressional Candidate 7th District ~ VIDEO

So living in New Jersey, we have a ten-round magazine capacity. I would love to see legislation that says you cannot restrict ...magazine capacity. ~ Philip Rizzo for Congress

International Firearms Smuggler Sentenced to Almost 20 Years in Federal Prison

A Florida man who fueled an international firearms smuggling ring with guns he illegally purchased at South Florida gun shows has been sentenced to 200 months.

The Firearm Industry Needs a Giant Biden ‘I Did That!’ Sticker

Americans have been buying a lot of guns. The figure is in the tens of millions. It might be time to get one of the gas pump stickers...
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