War Is Coming!!! Are You Ready … Will You Fight?

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War Is Coming!!! Are You Ready … Will You Fight?

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Most of us don’t want a second Civil War, though many of us will fight, and a very few even think war is a good idea. But the obvious question is what would it look like?

The answer is nothing like the last civil war. I polished off a bottle of McCallum 25 with a couple of old friends who think about this stuff for a living. You’d like these guys, bright, inventive; each kept up at night by their serious jobs.

The causes of the last Civil War were economic. Tariffs on products coming into and leaving southern ports meant the agrarian south was at odds with the more urban and industrialized north. No such division exists today. The left does not control states; the left controls cities; everything else belongs to the people.

The days of massed armies are long passed. So what can we expect?

Most liberal politicians will be in hiding or deceased within the 1st 72 hours. A nation of riflemen will step up.

If you picked a City, let’s say Chicago. Close off the roads, shut down the airports and the City has maybe five days of food, close off fuel or power and in the winter it freezes in two days.

Pick a City like Los Angeles that imports all its water, close that down and inside a week, the City is dry.

Civil unrest will follow – our major cities will burn from self-immolation.

Only in the big cities will the left control law enforcement. The State Guard units will not fire on civilians and will not necessarily come to defend cities where they do not live; they have families of their own to protect.

With 120,000,000 gun owners in America, 3% represents 3.6 million people. There are 850,000 sworn law officers in the US. The numbers favor those of us who stand for freedom. In the face of these number the 1st thing the left will try to do is forcefully disarm the people in the big cities. That may not go as smoothly as they plan.

The fact is the left is driving this. They have no tolerance for anyone who does not think and believe as they do. That type of division can only lead one direction. We must break their grip on the narrative.

ANTIFA is the left’s, Brown Shirts. When these masked cowards move to take power who will stand in their way? American gun owners will rally to protect their neighborhoods. We will fire on the ANTIFA crowds to protect our children. It would be a quick fight.

With my group, when the bottle got closer to empty, we asked some other questions:

  • What happens when Mexico occupies Southern California and parts of Texas and Arizona to protect their citizens? What happens if they don’t stop there? With Gavin Newsom as the Governor of CA, will he welcome the Mexican invasion? Is the re-conquest of the lands lost in the Mexican/American war next?
  • Can Canada handle the 10’s of millions of refugees?
  • With our significant cities already being cesspools of disease and poverty, what happens afterward? How do you rebuild a country so divided with its major cities in ruins? Reconstruction will be harder than you realize.

So what can you do? Keep four weeks of food and water on hand. Buy a rifle. Pistols are excellent for personal defense, but there may be times when you need to reach out and extend your safe perimeter. Five hundred meters is right for me; your needs may vary. Keep enough ammunition and supplies to meet your family’s needs, then double it. Remember if your extended family knows you’re prepared you can expect guests.

Learn to store and handle your firearms safely and proficiency. (That is what REGULATED means in the 2nd Amendment.) Teach your children to shoot.

Get politically active, do what you can to stave off this conflict or prevent it.

So how else would it start? A President Booker throws gun owners in jail, or a President Sanders invited in blue helmets to help with firearms confiscation. Maybe it’s nothing more than a deranged kid with a grudge, like Gavrilo Princip.

Then again maybe it’s already started and we’re just not paying attention.

Or it could be a plague. Thirty million undocumented illegal aliens huddled in barrios who shun the police and authorities are a potential biological time bomb. Combine that with an outbreak of Ebola, and a population scared of deportation it would give the disease time to spread. Would we see it 1st in our detention centers or on our streets? It would directly affect the Sanctuary City problem. Hispanics would take the brunt of the blame and be seen as carriers; the nation would begin to fall apart as moves to protect individual population groups unfold. Segregation would follow.

Remember, luck favors the well prepared. Have you thought long term about your family when it all goes south? I’d rather be prepared for something I hope never happens than left unprepared when if it does. How about you?

This article is a lesson for those on the left of thought; you cannot win.

The destruction you would invite is something to be avoided. Trump is NOT Hitler, in 2 or 6 years he will bow at the waist, thank us all for allowing him to serve; then he will walk away from power and enjoy his waning years. Be it Trump, Obama, Bush, or Clinton that is how it works. I hope you’re listening, so full of hate, you on the left are, that it blinds you to reality. Do not ring a bell you cannot un-ring.

I’m off to the range. Time to practice.

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