Video shows man firing rounds randomly into air in St. Louis (VIDEO)

Cell phone video recorded outside of a downtown St. Louis gas station Sunday night has local residents concerned, as the video shows a man walking across the sidewalk and randomly firing multiple shots into the air amongst a group of people.

The shooting happened after a Cardinals game and, although police responded to calls of shots fired, the suspect was never located and no one was arrested.

“That’s crazy,” one resident told reporters after seeing the video. “People down here don’t understand that them bullets go up and they come down and they’re going to hit something or somebody.”

Others called the video incredibly disturbing and ridiculous.

Another resident, who did not want to show her face on camera, said she frequently drives through that area, but also said it has gotten so bad that sometimes she just turns around before reaching her destination.

“You don’t even want to drive past, this parking lot in particular,” she said.

City Alderman Jack Coatar said that gas station is particularly concerning for residents and is already on the city’s nuisance property list. He said it’s the only gas station in the city that doesn’t have an attendant or security working late at night and that creates problems.

The gas station owners could not be reached for comment, but Coatar said he plans to talk with them again after seeing the video.

[ KSDK ]

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