Umarex AirSaber – Air Archery A New Way to Hunt

Umarex AirSaber Arrow Gun
Umarex AirSaber Arrow Gun

FORT SMITH, AR – -( Umarex USA, innovator and marketer of a wide range of products for the outdoor sportsman just released the Umarex AirSaber—a new way to hunt with no strings attached. It’s among the fastest, big game lethal archery hunting devices available! Generating more speed and power than most crossbows while being safer and easier to operate, the Umarex AirSaber continues the evolution of archery equipment.

Umarex AirSaber

Hunters who enjoy the adventures that come with rifles, bows and crossbows will instantly gravitate to the Umarex AirSaber for its sleek design, ease of use, ethical hunting power, and great value. Filled to a maximum of 3,625 PSI and firing full sized arrows, this high-pressure air archery rifle delivers an arrow at over 450 FPS generating in excess of 165 foot pounds of energy. Plus, its volume of air provides up to 20 shots with the impact necessary for any ethical big game hunt right up to the coveted cape buffalo.Buy Now Gun Deals

The carbon fiber arrows made specifically for the Umarex AirSaber have straight flight fletching and stabilize quickly, giving shooters an increased range for any game animal. The 23-inch arrows are equipped with a 100-grain field tip and threaded for the acceptance of aftermarket broadheads. Shooters should be wary of “robin-hooding” arrows at distances under 30 yards and can expect groups of sub two-inches at 70 yards.

“The ethical hunting power the AirSaber generates, combined with its sleek, bolt-action rifle platform and exceptional retail price expands the opportunity for more hunters and shooters to enter the Air Archery category,” says Richard Turner, President of Umarex USA, Inc.

“It’s exciting to see rifles like the AirSaber and the work of the Airgun Sporting Association, who is helping to open new airgun and air archery hunting opportunities across the U.S. The AirSaber gives a renewed passion to those who may have previously given up archery due to their physical limitations.”

The convenience of its bolt action firing mechanism, and comfortable rifle platform means anyone, regardless of size or strength, can shoot the AirSaber. It’s lack of strings and cords and its smooth operating cocking bolt that can be easily de-cocked make it convenient for concealed hunting blinds and treestand use.

Umarex AirSaber Arrow Gun Bolt Action
Umarex AirSaber Arrow Gun Bolt Action

The Umarex AirSaber features an olive drab green synthetic stock with a Picatinny rail system for mounting the included Axeon Optics Scope and aftermarket accessories like a bi-pod and a quiver. Each AirSaber from Umarex USA includes: three 376 grain carbon fiber arrows composed of field tips and an Axeon 4×32 mm optic with custom Air Archery reticle that offers aim points from 20 to 70 yards.

The Umarex AirSaber is available from Umarex USA and some of your favorite retailers starting at $369.99. Additional AirSaber arrows will be available in a 6-pack for $39.99 MSRP. Go to to out more.

UMAREX sporting airguns, optics, airsoft guns, high-performance lights, and accessories are available at local and online sporting goods dealers and retail locations around the world.

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