Truth and Outdoor Recreation

Truth and Outdoor Recreation
Excerpt from the book “Color the Green Movement Blue”(c) copyright 2010
By Anthony P Mauro, Sr (c) 2011

Conservation Corner w/ Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
Conservation Corner w/ Anthony P. Mauro, Sr

USA –-( Truth is found in the outdoors. A truth that is native to the soil, the water, the air, and the yawning canopies of forests.

It is an elementary truth, one that also ripples and swells through the essence of all humanity. It is quiet and inconspicuous.

It is absent from the man-made comforts. Pursuit of such comforts only serves to lead us further from the wisdom that resides in this truth.

It is recreation in the outdoors that untethers our thoughts from the earthly stresses and allows us to flirt with freedom and wonder. Recreation is the profit of the outdoors, a dividend to be splurged by the spirit and not recorded as an entry in a ledger. Recreation is the carnival of the soul.

Recreation is not a time of idleness but of discovery of life. Its benefits cannot be counted like the gizmos produced by the chugging factory, its measure is found in refreshment of the mind. It does not march to the ticking of timepieces; its charm is in its ignorance of such twinklings.

I have spent boundless hours fishing and hunting and remain uncertain as to whether it is fish and fowl that I am truly after. I often come home without either at my side and feel equally satisfied for the effort. Give me the earth, give me the skies, give me the waters and wildlife for my leisure.

These are the things that unfetter the mind and allow it to mingle with the meaning of life.

Color The Green Movement Blue
Color The Green Movement Blue

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr, (also known as “Ant” to friends and associates) is Chairman and co-founder of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance.

In addition to NJOA, Ant’s commitment to the principles of sustainable use of natural resources and stewardship for the environment helped to found the New Jersey Angling & Hunting Conservation Caucus. The NJAHC is the first outdoor caucus of its kind in New Jersey and is designed to educate opinion leaders and policy makers of the principles of conservation and the benefits that confer to the state’s wildlife and ecology.

A lifelong resident of New Jersey, Ant is an international big game hunter and avid conservationist. He has authored two books on conservation and hunting, including “Color The Green Movement Blue“.

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