TrackingPoint unleashes ‘push button mile’ .50 cal Mi50 BA rifle (VIDEOS)

Austin-based TrackingPoint has paired one of its electronically controlled sighting systems with a production .50-caliber BMG rifle to enable quick and easy shots at extended ranges.

Dubbed the Mi50, the system uses a Barrett M107A1 platform and self-calculates a ballistic solution at the press of a button, taking into account everything from pressure, temperature, and direction to the Coriolis effect. Previously the largest calibers offered by the company for its precision-guided rifles were .300 WM and .338 LM in its ShadowTrax series, with the .50 cal representing a big jump in capability in a “we have the technology” style moment.

While details are scarce (as is the likely used-car-level MSRP) the guns went up for pre-order last week with the first ready for shipment by mid-October according to TP’s social media account.

The above video gives a nod to the sorcery behind the Mi50 while the below shows the gun in action with a one-mile shot taken at the FTW Ranch in Southwest Texas — complete with a resulting bullseye after more than six seconds of hang time.

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