Totally chill Subway clerk tells robber to ‘get a job’ (VIDEO)

An employee at a Warren, Ohio, Subway restaurant just wasn’t having it when a guy entered the business last week intending to rob the place.

The intense encounter was captured on cell phone video by a second employee, which was later shared on Facebook.

The suspect, who was wearing a hoodie pulled tight and a bandana over his face, unleashed a profanity-laced rant demanding Cathy Stafford “open that fucking register.”

Stafford, however, seemed more annoyed by the suspect than anything and, instead of opening the cash register, she told him to “get a job.”

Then it dawned on her that she may have heard about him before.

“Dude, are you the one who’s been robbing these places?” Stafford asked the suspect.

The suspect’s response?

“You know what? Fuck you, bitch,” he says as he takes off with a tip jar containing $13.

Stafford later told reporters she wasn’t sure what came over her during the encounter.

“I guess sometimes I do things I shouldn’t do and I speak, just whatever comes to my mind. It just comes out,” she said.

No one was injured during the incident and the suspect only made off with the tip jar. It was the second time in a week the Subway location was targeted for a robbery.

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