The Socialist Democrat’s “Revolution” Picks-Up Momentum


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The Socialist Democrat’s “Revolution” Picks-Up Momentum

Ft Collins, CO –-( “There are no absolute ‘Rules of Conduct,’ neither in peace, nor war. Everything depends on circumstances.” ~ Leon Trotsky

In the wake of the El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH shooting incidents of last weekend, nauseating verbal outbursts from Democrat/socialist politicians, including presidential aspirants, are expected.

Their personal conduct is worthy of them.

They, along with media leftists, invariably advocate for private ownership of firearms in America to end, by force (and have, consistently, since WWI).

Nothing in the current “debate” is new.

“Keep that s**t on the battlefield,” says RF “Beto” O’Rourke.

His self-righteous pronouncement is curious, since he has personally never been anywhere near any species of “battlefield” in his entire rich-kid life, has never served, has never worn his Country’s uniform, never fired a shot in anger.

He then added that it would take ‘direct action” and “civil disobedience” to force the left’s objective of all-inclusive government confiscation of privately-owned guns in America.

The term, ”direct action,” originated with the Weather Underground (1960-70s) and other violent leftist political activists, including present-day ANTIFA, as a code-word for rationalizing physical violence they habitually employ to force the left’s political goals upon reluctant citizens.

“Direct action” suggest that he and other Democrat politicians, unable to coerce their anti-Second-Amendment agenda through “regular” means, have no hesitation with regard to employing masked, black-clad ANTIFA thugs to violently terrorize CCW permit-holders, gun retailers, NRA members, all the time rationalizing these criminal acts by labeling us “Enemies of the People,” much as did Chi Guevara, Bill Ayres, and Leon Trotsky.

Will our Constitution and our Supreme Court protect us?

We have clearly seen that our politicians won’t.

“Revolutions are always verbose.” ~ Leon Trotsky, again


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