The New Beretta APX Carry at NRAAM 2019 (VIDEO)

Beretta showed up to NRAAM 2019 with a new pistol for their APX lineup, the APX Carry. The APX Carry sports a number of the same features as the rest of the lineup including: aggressive slide serrations, serialized trigger chassis, modular frame, and reversible magazine release. This gun is designed to be carried in adverse concealed carry conditions and as such Beretta designed to go against the grain and give the gun a light DOA trigger.

“At Beretta we like to go with ‘bucking the trend’ so to speak,” said Erik Stern, Beretta USA rep. While much of the competition in the single-stack sub-compact market focuses on the single-action trigger Beretta decided to go opposite with a light DOA trigger. The gun is meant to be carried in a variety of ways, some of which may not be ideal, so the DOA trigger helps ease the fear of a negligent discharge.

“Another thing we really like is you can stage the trigger as you’re coming on target, but if you let off you’re done,” Stern said. It’s a 6.2-pound trigger so it truly is bucking-the-trend when it comes to the single-stack market. The gun currently is shipping in 9mm and come with a six- and eight-round magazine. The MSRP will be $450.

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