The 971D: A ‘Franken Gun’ that’s just odd enough to work (VIDEO)

Bigshooterist has cobbled together a whole shop full of odds and ends to come up with a drum-fed 9mm machine gun. Why? Because it was there.

Termed the Model 971D, it uses a FAL lower, Cobray M11 MAC-style upper and bolt, Historic Arms center receiver, a set of spade grips and butterfly off a Soviet SG-43 Goryunov machine gun, a shortened Browning 1919A4 LMG barrel jacket, and a SightMark reflex sight. The drum is a 71-rounder from a Finnish Suomi KP/-31 burp gun.

“There are just all kinds of parts from everywhere thrown together,” he says.

The cyclic rate on the pintel-mounted parabellum MG looks fairly high as evidenced by the rainbow stream of 9mm spent brass arching through the sky. He says it’s 1600 rounds per minute, which means the drum should last for a little over two seconds.

Going out on a limb here, but it may not be California legal.

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