Taurus Adds Cobalt Blue Frame Options to 856UL Revolver Line

Taurus 856 Cobalt carbon option

Using a spurred hammer, the DA/SA action 856UL is now available in a Cobalt blue frame (Photo: Taurus)


Gunmaker Taurus announced this week they have expanded their 856UL revolver line with new frame options in a Cobalt blue color.

Using an aluminum frame to trim 6 ounces from the weight of the six-shot snubby when compared to the regular Model 856, the 856UL series features a soft, ergonomic rubber grip to help mitigate recoil. Featuring either matte black carbon steel or matte stainless-steel cylinders and barrels, all 856 series revolvers are +P rated .38 Specials with 2-inch barrels.

Taurus 856 Cobalt Blue black carbon option

The series uses an integrated rear sight channel and low serrated ramp front sight, with users able to choose between models with either black carbon or matte stainless barrels and cylinders. (Photo: Taurus)

Brazilian-based Taurus reports that they are the world’s largest manufacturer of revolvers and the fourth best-selling gun brand in the United States, owning subsidiaries such as Rossi and Heritage. The company’s new 65,000 sq. ft. U.S. facility, in Bainbridge, Georgia, produced their first firearms earlier this month — starting with revolvers.

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