Surveillance video captured shooting outside Miami bar (VIDEO)

Prosecutors released surveillance footage last week that captured a shooting that occurred at a Miami-Dade bar in June 2014.

The video shows the suspect emerge with a rifle and open fire as terrified patrons scatter for safety. One victim, who was obviously the primary target of the gunman, almost immediately fell to the ground then crawled away from the gunman and into Grumpy’s Bar. While the victim was trying to get away, the suspect’s gun appeared to jam, before following the victim inside the bar.

Two innocent bystanders were caught in the crossfire and suffered non-life threatening injuries. The third victim – the suspect’s target – was shot in the hand, face, shoulder, and arm. The victim survived and he, as well as several bar patrons, identified the gunman as Leon Hillman, 38.

Hillman was subsequently charged with three counts of attempted murder. However, Hillman’s attorney, Alex Michaels, claimed all of the witnesses have the wrong guy.

“Whoever did that attack thought they were Al Pacino, ‘Say hello to my little friend,’” Michaels said. “But that person is not my client. He didn’t do it.”

Hillman’s trial is scheduled to begin next month.

[ Miami Herald ]

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