‘Superhero’ concealed firearm carrier who stopped Walmart shooting speaks out (VIDEO)

A pastor who carries a concealed weapon stepped up to stop an armed gunman in a Washington Walmart and, grieving for the victims of the tragic event, stands by his actions.

David George, 47, a pastor in Oakville, Washington, choked up when talking about the incident on Father’s Day in Tumwater. Inside the retailer with his family, George heard the gunshots fired by suspect Tim Day, 44, who had earlier that afternoon carjacked a vehicle at gunpoint and was at the time shooting a display case inside the store to obtain more ammunition.

A volunteer firefighter, range safety officer and EMT, George made sure his family was safe and, with another legally armed civilian, followed Day into the parking lot. When Day attempted to carjack another vehicle and failed, then succeeded in obtaining control of a third car, George reacted.

“When the gunman began threatening another person for the use of their car, I moved in order to have a safe shot at the gunman,” he said. “He entered the vehicle which I consider an even bigger threat and I fired to stop the shooter.”

After Day was shot, George, according to Tumwater Police, retrieved a first aid kit from his own vehicle and began treating those injured at the scene until firefighters arrived on scene. Day later died from his wounds.

Currently hospitalized is Rick Fievez, shot twice by Day, who King5 reports is in critical condition in an area hospital.

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