SunBuster’s Bruce Piatt takes on the Army and Wins

SunBuster's Bruce Piatt takes on the Army and Wins

FARMINGDALE, New York – -( Returning champion Bruce Piatt won the Tactical Iron Division at the Fourth Annual Fort Benning Tactical 3-Gun Championship, held in Columbus, Georgia. Hosted by the US Army Markmanship Unit, the match is unique because stages incorporate the use of military weaponry. In addition to shooting a fully automatic AK-47, firing a M203 Grenade launcher, and riding in a Stryker vehicle, the Army Markmanship Unit fabricated for the competitors a 100 yard long, man made trench to simulate warfare like conditions which added more excitement and drama to the overall match.

After the match was over, Bruce said “I'm really proud of today's performance, especially my long range rifle skills. Topping the field of over 250 scoped shooters using my iron sights really put the icing on the cake. There's no doubt, wearing my SunBuster prescription clear lenses helped me find, focus and engage those 400 yard targets.”

SunBuster's president Steve Asman said, “We congratulate Bruce winning this event two years in a row and finishing out the season on a high note. Bruce will now set his sights on competing in the Tactical Optics Division for the 2009 season and continue to demonstrate to other shooters that our glasses do enhance vision and target acuity.”

SunBuster® has designed The Maverick and The Dude, two lightweight frames specifically designed for the shooter. Both models provide a comfortable fit for all-day wearing. Each model includes an interchangeable lens system of five lenses scientifically created to enhance and maximize a shooter's ability to perform under different lighting and target presentations in competitive shooting. The first lens system is the Pistol/Indoor system and the second is the Shooting/Hunting system. Each system offers a patented, lightweight, rimless insert, which sits behind the lens, available in a wide range of prescriptions. Additional custom colored lenses are available to add to either of the systems for enhanced levels of shooting.

SunBuster's mission is to give all outdoor sports enthusiasts unsurpassed performance by enhancing their vision without damage, distortion or distraction. It is the perfect eyewear for biking, golfing, hiking, hunting or just a walk in the sun. We'll enhance your vision, so you can enhance your sport. See why others are making the switch to SunBuster's SportEnhancementEyewear (S.E.E.), contact 866-786-2878.

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