Steiner Release Their New Tor Fusion Light/Laser Combo

Steiner Tor Fusion Light/Laser Combo
Steiner Tor Fusion Light/Laser Combo

GREELEY, Colo. -( Steiner eOptics now offers the TOR Fusion, a rail-mounted light & aiming laser combination specifically designed for pistols and is small enough to fit inside the majority of all commercially-produced holsters on the market.

The new TOR Fusion aiming laser features left and right fire buttons for ambidextrous use and is available in red (635 nm) or green (520 nm) visible lasers.

The TOR Fusion is on mil spec engineering resulting in a device that is tested and proven to operate in extreme climates and conditions including ultra-cold weather, a known weak area of operation for competitor products.

Ruggedly built with a Type III hard-anodized machined aluminum housing, the TOR Fusion is framed by a rail mount and illuminator bezel, ambient sealed, dustproof, and is splash-proof to IP54 standards.

For night, low light or difficult to see in environments, the TOR Fusion’s cool white LED and total internal reflector produces a uniform circular illumination spot plus wide-angle flood lighting for total situational awareness.

Incorporating a proprietary patented constant power drive circuit to ensure that the laser output remains stable throughout the life of the battery, the TOR Fusion aiming laser also features a convenient low battery indicator for remaining energy status.

The universal rail mount on the TOR Fusion will fit all pistols that have a Picatinny or Weaver style rail forward of the trigger guard. This design of the TOR Fusion allows for optimum positioning of the laser so that the fire buttons are easily accessible for a wide range of users.

Other features of the TOR Fusion aiming laser include windage and elevation boresight adjustment screws, user selectable modes, adjustable laser and illuminator power, optional auto-on and boost mode.

Max Laser Power: 5.0 mW
Battery: (1) CR123
Max Continuous Illuminator Power: 350 Lumen
Boost Mode Illuminator power: 470 Lumen
Height: 1.39 in.
Width: 1.34 in.
Length: 2.70 in.
MSRP: $399

When set to the ‘Auto-On’ Mode, an onboard accelerometer senses the position of the pistol automatically powering on the laser when the pistol is drawn from a holster and raised to aiming or firing position. This feature will also work when the pistol is picked up from lying on its side. Conversely, the TOR Fusion laser automatically turns the power off when the pistol is holstered or set down.

When set to ‘Boost’ Mode, the TOR Fusion automatically powers up to maximum available output, independent of the prior output level last set by the user, including the ‘off’ setting.

IN the ‘Boost’ Mode, after one minute of continuous run time, the TOR Fusion will automatically return to the power level previously set by the user.

Steiner eOpticsAbout Steiner:

For 70 years, Steiner has made trusted optics for life’s defining moments. The successful pursuit and capture of these moments demands the fast and precise detection, location and identification of a distant objective. Whether the objective is wildlife, a marine bearing, law enforcement suspect or military combatant, Steiner products enhance an individual’s most important sense, vision, so that on land or sea –– Nothing Escapes You.

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