Soaping Up for Gov. Murphy– This Week on Gun For Hire Radio #426 ~ LISTEN

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Soaping Up for Gov. Murphy– This Week on Gun For Hire Radio #426 ~ LISTEN

New Jersey – -( This week on Gun For Hire Radio, *NEWSFLASH!!* “Guv’nuh Free Stuff” forecasts that this time of year it will be hot in New Jersey… well done, sir. This will be his only accurate prediction, to date, so ass-latherers everywhere are soaping up for Murphy’s next round of anticipated prophecies since at this rate he will be the new millennium’s “Nostradamus.”

Oh, but Murphy and his family won’t be here to experience the sweltering heat with us, since he is bringing them to Europe where he will be squandering American taxpayer dollars on foreign products. Unlike former Governor Chris Christie, Murphy doesn’t want to put any money back into our economy. As a matter of fact, rather than strengthening the economy, he would rather you go to jail so you can’t contribute to our economy, either. Just before he high-tailed it out of here ahead of the triple-digit days, Murphy signed yet another two firearms bills, tailored to implicitly criminalize the resident gun owners and any unwitting visitors to the Garden State, into law. It almost seems like he asked the legislators to purposefully leave out the verbiage “…during the commission of a crime…” just to proverbially slap New Jersey gun owners in the face. Seems logical that he would want to vacation elsewhere, because according to US Murphy enjoys the prestigious title of one of the least-liked Governors in America with a disapproval rating of 38 percent.

Hey there Chompers looks like we don’t like you even more than you don’t like us!

If this angers you, and you’re a hard-working, freedom-loving American citizen and resident of New Jersey, there are several places you can now go to sign the petition to recall the gubernatorial election. It just so happens that The Woodland Park Range in Woodland Park, New Jersey is one of those places! Come on down to Gun For Hire and our friendly Concierge staff will get your information and notarize your signature. If you want to oust Murphy, you can access more details about the recall here:

The media is painting a bleak picture for law-abiding gun owners, but the fact of the matter is that while the legislative waves are beating down on our Second Amendment rights, the judicial tide is indeed turning in our favor. With Trump appointing judges all over the country, not just in the Supreme Court, it is evident that more and more Second Amendment cases will be heard and adjudicated. All those carry permits issued to the rich, repulsive socialists, one might think, would stifle the opposition movement that is insidiously preventing law-abiding citizens from obtaining the same permits. However, to protect them from their own constituency, the lefty-progressives that have carry permits and that live behind gates, and that employ armed guards at the cost of the taxpayers, will never fess up. They have even made it so that you can’t find out who possesses a carry permit, lest you detest their “do as I say, not as I do” mentality and vote your brains versus your heart. Thanks to the valiant efforts of the President to stack the deck against the people that would seek to undo the Constitution of the United States of America, we now await the return of the Supreme Court for the October 2019 Session.

In one 2A-favorable example, the Cheeseman-Jillard cases which were both denied at the State level are heading to the Supreme Court, and they need more money to fight the fight for the rights of all of us. They are just short of their GoFundMe goal, so if you value those rights as an American, you should donate to the cause. “If you are tired of being told you do not have the need for a 2C:58-4 Permit, please donate to the case. Every dollar will go to defeating the Siccardi Rule and NJAC 13:54-2.4d-1.” The Cheeseman-Jillard suit is called “Support the Restore Carry to NJ cause,” and the GoFundMe page is and put in the notes on the page, “I am not an #SMP.” You can also donate to the cause by going to the CNJFO website link at

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