Sign outside TX school warns evildoers of armed staff

A sign posted outside of a school in Claude, Texas, fairly warns potential evildoers that the facility is not an easy target and those intent on harming students and staff will be met with deadly force.

“Attention: Please be aware that the staff at Claude ISD is armed and may use whatever force necessary to protect our students,” the sign reads in bold red block letters.

Claude Independent School District Superintendent Jeff Byrd explained that the small town, located about 30 miles outside of Amarillo, does not have its own police department. Byrd also said he firmly believes any of the teachers or other school employees would give their lives to keep students out of harm’s way. He said part of their job is to create a comfortable and safe environment, and that’s exactly what they’ve done by allowing staff members to carry concealed weapons.

“Statistics will show that most of the shootings that have occurred in public school have been some what a copycat situation,” Byrd said. “The goal of the perpetrators is to out-do the last shooting and statistics have shown people with warning signs are being proactive and preventative.”

Byrd also confirmed the school has worked with the Armstrong County Sheriff’s Department and state troopers while implementing safety protocols, which also includes security cameras and high-tech door locks.

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