Serbu catches flak over MP5 shoot from a Cessna (VIDEO)

Mark Serbu and associates landed in the news in Florida after a visiting YouTuber was given the chance to shoot a select-fire HK MP5 out of a moving airplane.

Serbu, along with his daughter Valerie (aka .50calVal), took visiting YouTuber Do It With Dan on a flight in a single-engine private plane over the Gulf. Being Mark Serbu, he brought an MP5 for the ride.

— Come on, if you could, you would —

“What are the legalities on this?” asks Dan as they walk around Peter O. Knight airport outside of Tampa.

“I didn’t really ask,” answers Serbu. “I’m assuming it’s OK.”

During the flight in the above video, you can see the HK in its roller-delayed glory a few times, firing out over empty water with nothing else in sight.

Because Florida. Because America. Because Serbu.

Let’s be honest, if you visited Mark Serbu and didn’t get to do something like this you would be disappointed.

However, as noted by the Tampa Bay Times, there was apparently some heartburn as the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, owners and operators of Peter O. Knight, contacted authorities. While the FAA is looking into the matter, the Tampa Police Department downplayed the incident.

Serbu told the Times he had circled the area a couple miles offshore for an hour before going live with the HK to make sure the water was clear.

“There was no one close to us, no one for at least 10 miles,” he said. “We did everything safe. I had my daughter with us.”

An aviation lawyer contacted by the Times, Guy Haggard, said the live fire was likely perfectly legal and covered under FAA regulations, citing airborne hog hunting via helicopter as an example.

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