SB Tactical Undergoes Major Brand and Product Evolution

SB Tactical™ Stabilizing Braces
SB Tactical Stabilizing Braces
SB Tactical™
SB Tactical

Saint Petersburg, Fla.  ( – Since 2013, SB Tactical has been at the forefront of accessories development in the PDW Pistol category, as the originator and manufacturer of the popular Pistol Stabilizing Brace.

Widely known for their partnerships with SIG SAUER, Inc. and Century International Arms, SB Tactical is undergoing an aggressive rebranding campaign; expanding its product portfolio and strategic OEM partnerships.

SB Tactical’s product offerings include Pistol Stabilizing Braces for a multitude of AR, AK, HK, and specialty firearms platforms, like the CZ Scorpion, the Kriss Vector, and the IWI Uzi Pro. SB Tactical is now an official OEM for companies such as SIG SAUER, Inc., Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), KRISS® USA, LWRC International, Century International Arms, and Zenith Firearms. The aggressive brand and product evolution is designed to take SB Tactical to new heights.

“SB Tactical was first to market with a product that revitalized the AR pistol, and established the new and thriving PDW Pistol category,” said Amy Pevear, VP of Marketing, SB Tactical. “The evolution of our brand and products showcases our commitment to growth and innovation. This is an exciting time for SB Tactical; we look forward to forging strategic relationships with new partners and fans of the PDW Pistol community.”

In conjunction with the launch of additional products and new OEM partnerships, SB Tactical is excited to unveil a new company logo and offer consumer direct sales on The updated logo reflects SB Tactical’s commitment to resonating with the shooting community and will set a new tone for the brand, acting as a catalyst for upcoming marketing campaigns and initiatives.

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