San Antonio gun class caters to deaf community (VIDEO)

One concealed carry instructor out of San Antonio has figured out a way to break through a communication barrier and offer concealed carry classes to a group of gun owners who have previously struggled to find something most of the gun community take for granted.

Instructor Jonathan Galloway recently offered a concealed carry class specifically for deaf people. The class was full, with several of the participants having waited for such an opportunity for a decade.

Galloway previously worked as a sign language interpreter in concealed carry classes, but found many places simply didn’t have the funds to foot the bill for such a niche. Some noted that having a deaf person in the class made others feel uncomfortable too.

But Galloway decided the deaf community needed to be able to legally exercise their rights to conceal carry just like everyone else. Galloway planned to only do the niche concealed carry class twice a year, depending on demand, but his July class was full with 22 people and he’s already filled up a class for August as well.

Galloway teaches the deaf-only concealed carry class at Nardis Gun Club in San Antonio. Anyone interested can contact the club at (210) 661-8300 or via email at They can also be found on Facebook.

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