Roofing company offers free firearm with service (VIDEO)

We’ve seen it advertised with car lots across the country in the past, but now a Colorado-based roofing company is offering a “Get a Roof Get a Gun” promotion.

James Webb, owner of WeatherProof Roofing, said of the approximate 2,000 roofing companies in the state competing for business, thus far he’s the only to offer a free gun with the purchase of a new roof.

“We help protect the outside now we empower people to protect the inside,” Webb said.

Customers can pick up a new AR-15 through a Denver gun dealer who is working with Webb on the legalities of giving away the guns. And for those who don’t want – or already have – America’s most popular rifle, Webb is also offering an alternate tactical rifle or gift card good at Cabellas.

But not everyone thinks the idea is all that great. According to an informal survey conducted by Fox 31, the overwhelming majority, nearly 80 percent, says it’s a “great idea” while more than 18 percent feel it’s a “terrible idea.” The remaining respondents said that they have “no opinion” on the matter. State Representative Rhonda Fields called the promotion “troublesome” while one man told reporters, “This is America.”

[ KDVR ]

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