Riding Shotgun With Charlie #166 Rhonda Mary, 2A Advocate

Rhonda Mary was at AMMcon, the Alternative Multi Media Conference, in Dallas last year. We were both presenters. I knew she was coming and was hoping to talk her into being on the stagecoach. I approached her and told her what I do and she said she was up for doing the show! Here’s a link to her presentation if you’d like to check it out. Also, special shout out to Rob & Amanda from Eye on the Target Radio for letting us use their ‘stagecoach’!

Rhonda went to college for marketing and branding. She started a YouTube channel for political and social topics. She grew up as what I call a ‘gun agnostic’; she wasn’t for it, but she wasn’t against it. After being involved in a hit-and-run/road rage situation, the police officer, also a young black woman, said Rhonda Mary may want to get a gun license. That was when the lightbulb went off for her.

Until then, after all her education, she never thought, or was taught, that she could be responsible for her own safety. She points out that with the TV, news, media, and Hollywood, we always see police and military with firearms or its gang members, school shooters, or white supremist using guns. We don’t usually see civilians, let alone young black women carrying or using firearms.

One of the topics she talked about is how self-defense is discouraged in schools. There’s a bully and a victim. If the victim defends themself, they will also get in trouble. Rhonda Mary talks about how this expands beyond school. After kids learn this in school, they take it to their adult life and call the police when something happens, and they don’t take responsibility for their own lives.

There was a story in the news about a female veteran who carried a firearm, and someone tried to carjack her. She was able to defend herself and her child in the car. But the news pointed out that she was prepared because she was in the military. We know that not everyone is in the military. We also know that you and I are also prepared for these things. That wasn’t the narrative the media was putting out about that story. Rhonda Mary points out that even on the news, the people who talk about firearms are often former military. And that can be hard to relate to as well.

Mississippi, where Rhonda Mary lives, is a “Constitutional Carry/permitless carry” state. Still, the state does issue ‘enhanced permits’ that allow those who have it to carry in more places than they can without having a permit. It seems like several Constitutional Carry/permitless carry states are like that, with enhanced permits.

Rhonda started the 2A journey and shared what she was going through on her social media outlets. She’s been very open and forthcoming about the experience in becoming a gun owner,  taking courses, and learning about concealed carry. We all have some growing pains and challenges when we get into something new.  Rhonda Mary talked about being a perfectionist and overcoming that everything has to be just right before you publish it.

It was great to have someone like Rhonda Mary on the show. She’s young and cool and she’s what the 2A can use right now. She’s got new eyes on what the ‘not so young folks’ have been doing for a hot minute. Ok..maybe more than a minute.

Favorite quotes:

  • “We (the police) respond. You just have to be prepared for what’s out in the world.”
  • “Schools are anti- self defense. Even if you defend yourself justly, you’re going to get the same punishment as the bully.”
  • “You have way more, everyday, regular gun owners and it’s way more of them to reach…”
  • “You gotta do more branding. You gotta do more marketing. You gotta figure out how to monetize better. You gotta reach people better. Do more. And the end cap is, but keep going!”

Riding Shotgun With Charlie

Riding Shotgun With Charlie isn’t about firearms. It is about having an intimate conversation with 2 people talking. You’re the fly on the rearview mirror. Many of the passengers are involved in the firearm community .

This is a more intimate conversation than a phone, radio, or Skype interview. You get to see the passengers. And you’ll see where the road and the conversation take you!


Riding Shotgun With Charlie