Report Of Two Handguns Left In U-Texas Bathrooms – SCC Comments

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Report Of Two Handguns Left In U-Texas Bathrooms

AUSTIN, TEXAS – -( On Wednesday, February 21, 2018, it was reported that within a 24-hour span, two unattended handguns were found inside two separate restrooms at UT-Austin.

The handguns have since been claimed by their owners, who are both license-to-carry (LTC) holders. Law enforcement and university officials are still determining if any legal or disciplinary action will be taken against the two individuals.

Students for Concealed Carry Southwest Regional Director Quinn Cox issued the following statement:

“As explained by UTPD, incidents like this are extremely rare, and for these two incidents to occur in the same week, at the same university is quite an anomaly. LTC holders have a responsibility not to put themselves or others in danger. The two events should serve as a reminder that LTC holders must be mindful of the location and condition of their firearms at all times.”

“This type of incident most commonly occurs when a license holder is new to concealed carry or frequently changes his or her manner of carry in order to accommodate different styles of clothing. We at Students For Concealed Carry recommend that all LTC holders adopt a consistent restroom routine that allows them to continuously maintain control of their firearms.”

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