Reno Guns & Range Promises To Be The Biggest Little Shooting Spot

Reno Guns & Range
Reno Guns & Range
Mike Searson
Mike Searson

USA – -( here’s a new shooting range in the Biggest Little City in the World and this 25,000 square foot facility may be the Biggest Little Gun Range in the United States.

Reno Guns & Range promises to be a world class shooting facility in an area that really needs it.

The range is an outgrowth of the former US Firearms Academy based in Reno. US Firearms is known for producing the Battle Born Rifle (a billeted lower receiver using piston and direct impingement uppers) and being a full-service gun shop that has been a promoter of training since its inception.

The massive size of the facility will allow shooters to fire handguns, shotguns, rifles and machine guns in a safe and climate controlled environment. Staffed by numerous instructors from all facets of the shooting world (competition, law enforcement and military) the range will offer services that most shooters only read about.

Over 2000 square feet will be dedicated to reality based training: that is force-on-force running Simunitions. The area is built to look like a home interior with living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and laundry room complete with washer and dryer. An alternate section can be mocked up to resemble an ATM machine or convenience store, simulating areas where a civilian CCW holder may be targeted.

That’s not to say it’s a free for all shoot house. Reality based scenarios include a mix of shoot and no shoot scenarios. Students need to make sound decisions before firing, but make them quickly so they don’t become a statistic.

If the thought of being hit by a Sim round does not sound like fun, the range has a law enforcement laser simulator that has been running for a few years adjacent to their retail store on Moana Lane called MiScenarios.

Reno Guns & Range
Reno Guns & Range

The MiScenarios training is invaluable as a stepping stone to Simunitions and most ranges in the United States use neither, Reno Guns & Range has the distinction of using both in conjunction with a live shooting range. It will be rebranded as DST (Digital Simulator Trainer)

Speaking of the live shooting range, the variety of machineguns at Reno Guns and Range is slated to be a good mix of old and new. We have been privy to a few of them, but were held to secrecy until opening day. Twenty 25-yard lanes will be installed including 6 tactical lanes that will allow shooters to move toward the targets and take cover or varied shooting positions to enhance their training. All lanes offer an advanced 360 degree targetry system.

The Reno/Carson area is a hotbed of gun ownership and shooting (even most of the liberals like firearms here!) and for over a century the choice of shooting areas has been limited to the desert and a few BLM areas outside of town. We are lucky to have a few public outdoor ranges in the area, too.

While most of the locals are fine with that, tourists and visitors have been short changed by not knowing where it is safe to shoot and where it is legal, this should end that worry for out-of-towners and new residents who want to get in some quality trigger time in Northern Nevada.

It will also be a welcome refuge to the few days of heat we experience in the summer or being snowed out of BLM spots in the winter.

This is not just an announcement for a local range as Reno, Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas are prime tourist destinations for conventions, reunions, outdoor sports, hunting and skiing. It may not be as big or flashy as Las Vegas, but sooner or later someone makes a trip here.

The biggest advantage will be the training opportunities, however, as punching paper and ringing steel only goes so far in preparing you for using your firearm.

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