Remy on how to react to mass tragedy (VIDEO)

Remy Munasifi, an Arab-American comic has teamed up with Reason TV, a libertarian research organization, to call out the curious politics behind moving to ban guns after a mass tragedy.

If you aren’t in the mood for mellow acoustic guitar, here are the lyrics:

I overheard it on the street
A mass tragedy’d occurred

I didn’t know how to react
I had to know the latest word

If it had been a hijacked airplane
My resolve it would be steeled

Another Ryder Truck explosion
And I’d pray all would be healed

Or an extremist with a knife
I would go out and donate blood

But I knew just what I should do
When I saw that they’d used a gun

I got on Facebook, status update
Started typing like the breeze

Cuz it’s the perfect chance to
Advance my political beliefs

Yes in the face of acts of terror
I won’t be dyed in the wool

Unless the weapon had a
Tiny little metal thing you pull

Cuz there’s no time to come together
Express sorrow for the sad

When people have a right to own something
I don’t want them to have

So if a crime scene’s still roped off
We could unify in sorrow

Or ask was it with a gun
And in a place not called Chicago

You could plug all your beliefs
Until your face is turning red

Or you could also just respond the way
You would have if instead

it was a plane, a bomb, a Ryder truck
A vest, or with a knife

if they were drowned, or hung
Or thrown from buildings, buried/burned alive

If they were kidnapped by the hundreds
Sold to slavery with vigor

I’d respond with unity but if
The weapon had a trigger I would–

I overheard it on the street
A mass tragedy’d ensued

When I saw it was an immigrant
I knew what i should do…

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