PWS special-edition FDE rifles and summer 2015 giveaway

pws muzzle device giveaway (2)

Three popular PWS rifles are getting the FDE treatment along with upgraded furniture and triggers. (Photo: PWS)

Primary Weapon Systems has released a limited number of special-edition MK114, MK116 and MK216 rifles with a flat dark earth finish for this summer and is celebrating the slow season by giving away a bundle of goodies with every PWS rifle sold through the end of August.

Everyone who buys a PWS rifle between July 1 and Aug. 31 is eligible to receive a PWS swag bag including your choice of PWS shirt, hat, “barista mug” and muzzle device. The muzzle devices alone run around $100 so this is a nice bit of kit for new and returning PWS customers. The muzzle device in the giveaway is in addition to the muzzle device included with every complete PWS rifle.

PWS is giving its most popular sellers the flat dark earth treatment, including the 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington MK1 and 7.62 NATO/.308 Winchester MK2 carbines. Two models of MK1 rifles are going FDE, the 14.5-inch model (offered with a pinned and welded muzzle device) and standard 16-inch model, along with the 16-inch MK2 carbine.

pws muzzle device giveaway

The above muzzle devices are included with the giveaway. (Photo: PWS)

But all of the rifles are eligible for the summer giveaway promotion regardless of color or finish. People who buy a PWS now through Aug. 31 will get their choice of FSC, JTAC 47, KAC, PRC, Triad or TTO muzzle device, which are popular across the board with professional and competition shooters and come standard on FN SCAR rifles. PWS is also giving buyers their choice in PWS shirts and hats, with three tees including the PWS flag, Diablo and Evolve shirts, two Kryptec camo caps and the standard and Evolve caps.

Of course it’s not just muzzle brakes that stand out, the rifles have set a standard for piston-driven ARs. They use a long-stroke AK-inspired adjustable gas piston system that doesn’t give an inch on the accuracy front and leads the pack when it comes to fit and finish. PWS products command a slight price premium over other ARs but offer a quality boost that more than makes up the difference.

The special-edition FDE models come with a few upgrades over the company’s existing rifles as well, fit with Magpul STR stocks and Mega enhanced triggers. Otherwise they bring all the features that have made PWS stand out, including the modular free-floating KeyMod handguard, black nitride barrels with match chambers and adjustable gas block for running light and heavy ammo, suppressed and unsuppressed.

To find a special-edition FDE rifle near you contact your local PWS dealer, and check out the PWS website to register for the promo.

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